Almost To The Sea


Day 44.  $791,201.00 Raised.  1 Mega Kennel Funded and 2 Dogs Sponsored.  

Anticipation can be a catalyst to panic. Waiting for this race to finish has been like nothing I have ever experienced.

Today is the day. The day I travel via air to reach a boat that has been traveling since December 12, 2021.  Foar men rowing two hours on and two hours off for almost 50 days.  Foar men who have sacrificed food, comfort and losing sight of land. 

Many questions swim in my mind. Are they hungry?  Do they have enough energy?  What is the single most wanted item or food preference?  And last but not least, how is my husband actually doing this worlds toughest row?  This is incredible.  

I could go on for days like this. So much anxiety is felt for these Foar men and their courage to row Courageous 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean. 

As I boarded the first flight and sat in my comfy seat, I opened the YB Races app to find they have finally reached under 400 miles.  It’s the Home Stretch.   

It won’t be long now.  They will have completed their journey and mission. Their mission of raising awareness to Veterans’ Suicide and PTSD.  Although they still have a goal of raising $1.5 Million Dollars, they have completed the most important part of this journey, the awareness.  

If you have not sponsored a mile, please do so.  Click HERE.

I'm heading to the next leg of my trip.  Next Stop ANTIGUA!!!!

Until next time.

Sea You Soon,