Cameron Hansen

Veteran - United States Air Force

Cameron is a native of Chicago who served as a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force from 1993 to 1999. As a pavements and equipment specialist he was assigned to Civil Engineering Squadrons in Texas, Japan, Korea, and Ohio until he was medically discharged for Chronic Respiratory Disease.

After his military service, he returned to the Chicago area and worked for one of the nation’s largest construction companies specializing in high-rise, airport, and highway construction. His career in construction ended following a devastating scaffolding collapse that caused major bodily injuries requiring six surgeries and intense physical therapy over a six-year period. During his recovery period he returned to college at Lewis University in Illinois and Jacksonville University in Florida where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences with minors in Psychology and Business Management. He now serves as the Director of Road Maintenance for Nassau County, Florida. He resides in Fernandina Beach with his wife and two daughters.

Prior to his accident he was very active despite his lung issues. He played indoor and beach volleyball, softball, and played semi-pro American football on teams in Chicago, Japan and Ohio until the age of 28. Following his separation from the service he vowed to overcome his lung issues. He began training for marathon distance running events at longer and longer distances up to 14 miles a day. Before he could run in the marathon, the scaffolding accident destroyed his chance to complete the marathon.

Being severely injured and unable to live an active life became both physically and mentally difficult. During his physical therapy he met many people that have also been affected by traumatic injuries. He experienced many dark moments when anxiety and depression turned into rage and resentment. Over a six-year period he battled his way back to physical and mental health with the help of the Veteran’s Administration support and continuing education programs. He has truly overcome immense adversity and is a shining example of rebuilding a life following traumatic injury.

A proud member of team “Foar from Home” he has committed to complete the 2021 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge as a means to raise awareness for veterans coping with PTSD and cognitive disorders, as well as ending veteran suicide.

Cameron Hansen