At 03:43am EST this morning, a “Merry Christmas” message from Hupp arrives.  He has opened the Singing Christmas card I sent with him, along with Christmas cards from the island.  They send a "Thank You" for the cards.

It’s Christmas and day 13 for our Foar From Home Men out at Sea.  The past couple of days have been filled with NE 14-16kt winds, 70° sunny weather as they continue their 2 hours on/2 hours off rowing cycles.  Their rowing speeds have picked up to average 2.5kn and they have officially crossed over 600nm.  They are located approximately 300 mi above Cape Verde with plans to continue West to catch a current that will help increase their speed.

Hupp has sounded great on the phone along with being exhausted.  He says he physically feels good, is losing weight and his core is tightening up.  The 2-hour cycles are difficult because they have limited time to eat, clean and sleep.  I asked him about his meals and he definitely does not like certain meal choices and sticks with those he does.  His request for his first meal on land is to be lobster and steak with a really good red wine.  No problem here.  I will make sure I find the freshest lobster and steak to prepare.  In addition to doing some wine tasting while in Antigua to find the perfect wine.

I am excited to share the news that the Foar From Home Campaign has raised over $707,000.00 and is growing everyday.  People have been sharing their stories with me about receiving text messages that their mile has been rowed.  If you haven’t heard about the FFH Mile Sponsorship program, please visit .  You can sponsor a mile and  dedicate it to a loved one or yourself.  Our wonderful FFH volunteers will text you when your mile is reached by Foar From Home.  Pretty awesome, I know.  I am waiting patiently for our miles to be reached.

I remain to keep in touch with Hupp via Garmin and their Satellite phone.  Receiving his texts from the Garmin almost daily, has somewhat relieved my anxiety.  However, I still cannot imagine the mental strength and physical endurance they are facing every moment of the day to reach Antigua.  This Christmas Holiday has been very quiet in our home.  I continue to stack Christmas cards and well wishes we receive, to share with Hupp when returns home.

Merry Christmas to all the Foar From Home Fans and followers as well as the Atlantic Campaign fleet out there on the Atlantic Ocean and their families.  I will be celebrating with our family today while holding Hupp close to my heart and will continue to look forward to seeing their mission and hard work payoff.  I admire them more each day, as they continue their efforts in raising enough money to build a mega kennel for K9s For Warriors and raising awareness to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Veterans’ Suicide.

Merry Christmas.

Sea you soon,