FFH Team

It’s Friday and the FFH Team has great news.  Courageous has been cleared through Customs and will be joining the Team in La Gomera shortly.  There was a hold up in Customs to release Courageous and two other US teams’ boats due to well….paperwork.

This delay did not hold our Team back from indulging on what the island had to offer.  As the Team patiently awaited Courageous’ release, they hiked mountains, swam in the ocean, toured the West side of the island, enjoyed Café Con Leches and visited the famous Blue Marlin for Billy’s birthday.  Happy Birthday Billy!  What a great way to celebrate.

In the upcoming days, the Team will be unpacking and endure inspections to be sure Courageous has all she needs to get these Men across the Atlantic Ocean.  She will then be repacked with all their equipment, food, water and personal items to set forth on their journey.

Some of you have asked if there will be communication.  The answer is yes, we will have the capability of watching the Team as they cross through an app as well as Garmin devices and Satellite Phones.  Hupp and I personally have a Garmin device which will allow us to text as well as monitor their journey through satellite capabilities.  Pretty Fancy!!

I will be sharing Notes From The Sea as I get them to share this Courageous journey with you.

Until next time.