Heading To The Sea


Day 39.  2,201nm rowed.  $778,150.00 Raised.  Approximately 9 days left to ROW.  (Maybe 8).


It’s official, I got THE phone call.  The phone call I’ve been waiting for since December 12th.  Hupp called this morning with information that the Atlantic Campaign race officials predict them finishing about the 29th.  As long as weather conditions remain as predicted and they continue to row, they will finish by next week!!!!!


Excitement set in as Ruth, Starla and I discussed our plans.  Covid tests have been scheduled.  Flights and hotel reservations have been adjusted and confirmed.  I leave on Tuesday and it can’t get here quick enough.


To all that are planning to travel to Antigua to witness the Foar From Home finishing the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, be sure you are getting tested with the correct Covid-19 test.  Please click HERE for updated travel advisories.  They are specific to the brand and are checking at the border.


I keep hearing the same question.  What will you do when you see him?  Well, I suppose I will try to breathe and try not to pass out.  I’ve played it over a million times in my head.  Fort Berkeley, which was built in the early 1700s, extends out in front of the English Harbour’s entrance.  It was built by the Royal Navy to defend the Harbour, in which they used as a safe haven.  That’s where you’ll find me when they enter the English Harbour.  I’ll be the one making the most noise and then run to greet them at the dock.


So there you have it.  My vision of watching my Retired Navy Senior Chief entering in the historic English Harbour  while yelling as loud as I can.  I can only imagine waiting there with the sun warming my face, the breeze messing up my hair and the sight of Courageous coming around corner.


Courageous has been the focus of my attention all day.  Her structure and strength has gotten Foar From Home almost all the way across the ocean thus far.  Soon I will see her and thank her for being the vessel I knew she would be for them.  Strong enough to help Foar From Home carry out their mission of raising awareness to PTSD and Veterans’ Suicide.


Please visit foarfromhome.com and sponsor a mile.  There are many miles left to sponsor that will go toward the continuation of the Foar From Home mission.  To build the Mega Kennel at K9s For Warriors and to sponsor additional dogs to fill the kennel.  Let’s hit that next goal!


I’ll be packing and prepping my store for my leave this weekend.  Stay tuned for our travel to Antigua.


Sea You Soon,