Less Than 1,000


This morning’s coordinates were 16.4935, -46.3868. They have been rowing over 60nm per day and are due to finish sooner than later.  Their conditions this week were pretty wet and windy.  Hupp and Cam sent a lovely video of their conditions and well-being this week.  Along with some great photos of all of them rowing, rowing and smiling.  I love how even after the consistent uncomfortable conditions, they remain in good spirits.


As of today, three teams have finished the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  Congratulations to Swiss Raw, Atlantic Flyers and Five in A Row!!  How exciting!!  Did anyone else watch them finish besides me?  Yes, I am that race fan with all of the notifications on her phone.  Even at 06:00am.


I have booked my trip and will begin my journey to meet Courageous and the Foar From Home team on January 25th.  Yes, I know I may be leaving early but better early than late.  Plus, I would like to visit all the FFH friends who traveled thousands of miles to see them finish.


It’s an exciting experience that some may not be able to attend, so I will be sure to post on my social media as well as this blog to keep everyone up to date.  Our cousins George and Christine will be traveling with me which makes me feel a little safer.  Plus, it's nice to have family close.  I will be continuing contact with Hupp every step of the way to provide the best updates to and from him.


I would like to talk about something so important that has touched my heart.  Last year I watched Chewy, a service dog graduate with his warrior Aurora at K9s For Warriors.  Recently Aurora, the very brave warrior, shared her story with us to post on the Foar From Home website.  Aurora struggled daily until she was paired with Chewy.  It is an amazing story of love, trust and bravery, as well as a perfect example of the FFH Mission.  Please click Here to check it out.


When the boys came up with the crazy idea to  row across the ocean, they focused on doing something for Veterans.  Their idea of giving to Cross the Line and K9s For Warriors quickly became their focus as well as a goal amount of $500K.  I am so passionate about their goal of raising enough money to give to Cross the Line and to purchase a Mega Kennel for K9s For Warriors.  In addition to their mission to raise awareness for PTSD and Veterans’ Suicide.  It pleases me to announce in this blog entry, they have raised over $750,000.00.


Foar From Home has exceeded their goal and will support a K9 in the K9s For Warriors program for each additional $28,000.00 they raise.  It is so important to help these warriors.  They worked hard for our country and its time we worked hard for them.


There are remaining Miles to Sponsor.  If you would like to sponsor a mile, please click HERE.  If you would like to donate to their cause, please click HERE.


As I count down the days to travel, I remain in awe of their commitment and accomplishments.  Their message is being heard all over the country.  The Mega Kennel is going to be completed this year and Veterans are going to be helped.

Until next time.

Sea You Soon,