It’s Wednesday, Day 10 and approximately noon for the boys, as they row into their 462nm.  They are experiencing NE winds at 12kts, partly cloudy to sunny and 69 degrees.  Not a bad day to row West on the Atlantic Ocean.


At about 11:30 pm our time, Hupp told me they finally had the wind behind them and were able to row 3-4kts.  If you have been following them on the YB Races app, you will notice a significant advance in their distance.  This is the environment they have been looking forward to achieving, with the winds behind them.


Throughout the race, the Atlantic Campaigns has been posting video and photos of all the teams and updates on their social media.  Some of the teams have seen wildlife and have shared videos.  I am pleased to announce that Courageous and the boys saw their first pod of black porpoise yesterday.  I look forward to getting more messages with reports of sightings and possible media to go along with it.


As for now, I will enjoy the article published in the Western Connecticut State University press, WCSU in the news.  They wrote a wonderful article about Hupp, Foar From Home and their Mission.  Hupp, is an alumnus of WCSU and graduated with his Bachelors of Business Admin in 2017.  He will be pleased to read it, I'm sure.


The days keep passing by and I receive a little more knowledge about what it is like to row across an ocean.  Your body begins to learn a 1hr sleep cycle at about the 8th day.  You have to be careful to keep your skin clean due to the salt and possible injuries.  High head winds are not your friend.  Also, the food all looks the same with different names and flavors.

Until next time.... I have included a video below, from Hupp & Cam showing you the moon set and sun rise.

Sea you soon,