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Spotted At Sea

February 2, 2022

Spotted At Sea   51 Days, 11 Hours and 41 Minutes.   That’s how long it took my husband Hupp Huppmann and his 3 mates to cross the Atlantic Ocean.…

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Waiting By The Sea

January 31, 2022

Waiting By The Sea   January 31, 2022 51days, 9hours, 12minutes since they began the race.  2,790 nm rowed and 73 nm to go! $814,071.00 raised while raising awareness to…

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Almost To The Sea

January 25, 2022

Almost To The Sea   Day 44.  $791,201.00 Raised.  1 Mega Kennel Funded and 2 Dogs Sponsored.   Anticipation can be a catalyst to panic. Waiting for this race to…

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Heading To The Sea

January 21, 2022

Heading To The Sea   Day 39.  2,201nm rowed.  $778,150.00 Raised.  Approximately 9 days left to ROW.  (Maybe 8).   It’s official, I got THE phone call.  The phone call…

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Less Than 1,000

January 17, 2022

Less Than 1,000   This morning’s coordinates were 16.4935, -46.3868. They have been rowing over 60nm per day and are due to finish sooner than later.  Their conditions this week…

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Notes To The Sea

January 11, 2022

Notes To The Sea   Day 30.  1,654nm Rowed.  1,195nm miles to go.  Each day that goes by, I get a little closer to flying to Antigua to meet our…

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