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Photos From The Sea

December 18, 2021

It’s Friday night and a little past midnight for the Foar From Home Team and Atlantic Campaigns fleet, as they row under a waxing gibbous moon that is 98.8% full. …

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Phoned From the Sea

December 15, 2021

Anyone out there Dot Watching on the YB Races app???  I know, stupid question.  That’s all that everyone is talking about today.  Watching Foar From Home row Courageous across the…

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The First 24

December 13, 2021

photo credit Hupp Huppmann Yesterday was such an exciting day.   Don’t you agree?  To watch Foar From Home leave the marina to begin their journey was surreal to say the…

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The Final Countdown

December 11, 2021

photo credit to Atlantic Campaigns Happy Saturday and welcome to the final countdown to Foar From Home’s long awaited journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  It has been exciting to watch…

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Ready for the Sea

December 10, 2021

The past 36 hours have been so exciting for the team.  They were reunited with Courageous.  They went through inspections.  Now they will be putting Courageous in the water today,…

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The Arrival of Courageous

December 9, 2021

The Arrival of Courageous Wednesday, December 8th They say “All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”.  And the Foar From Home team has definitely waited this week as their…

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