Notes To The Sea


Day 30.  1,654nm Rowed.  1,195nm miles to go.  Each day that goes by, I get a little closer to flying to Antigua to meet our fabulous team Foar From Home at the finish line. And most importantly, I get my husband back.

Throughout this entire journey, I have witnessed myself endure a handful of emotions.  Kind of like being on the world’s largest rollercoaster.  Only this one I can’t get off.

I’ve observed so many people and their reactions to how they’ve been touched by the team’s mission.  In addition to the personal engagement Foar From Home have so graciously given to individuals throughout this row across the Atlantic Ocean.

You never know what kind of impact you’ll have on someone from a simple gesture. Whether it’s a smile, a hello or how are you.  For me it was a note I sent to the sea.  It was something I’d said a million times before, but it wasn’t what I said.  It was the moment it was read, which needed extra validation and courage.  It was “I Love You”.

I wrote little messages on Hupp’s food packages before they were packed into Courageous and shipped to La Gomera months ago. I figured my messages were lost when they had to repack their food.  To my surprise, they weren’t.  This particular one was seen in a moment of disparity and one of the hardest days Hupp was experiencing on the row.  He told me he was having a down day and reached into the compartment to get his food only to find my “I Love You” written on his food package.  He told me how he looked at it and just cried.  It was perfect timing to read my message and it turned his day around. I like to think it was meant to be seen on that particular day.

Engagement is powerful. Their mission is powerful.

As the row is getting closer to the finish line, a much larger journey is developing to save many lives.  The journey of a dog being trained, then paired with a veteran to stand side by side throughout their journey of life.  I am honored to say that the Foar From Home guys have reached their goal of $730,000.00 today.  Only to surpass it and reach $742,110.00.

The Mega Kennel at K9s For Warriors has become a reality for Foar From Home while they have been out to sea. The wives and I did a Facebook Live broadcast while calling Foar From Home to announce and share the news with them.  I know this news made their day and maybe a little extra push in their stroke to row faster to the finish line.

Thank you, to all of you who helped Foar From Home reach their goal and help raise awareness of PTSD and Veterans’ Suicide.  In addition, enough money to build the Mega Kennel at K9s For Warriors that will house over 60 dogs to pair with Veterans in need.

There are Miles that remain to be sponsored at

Also, click here to participate in an online auction that is going on right now to benefit Foar From Home.  It is part of the "Final Miles Fundraiser" that is sold out.  Since it is sold out, you should check out all of the fabulous merchandise on the online auction.

More to come!

Sea you soon,