Paul Lore

Veteran - United States Marine Corps

Paul Lore is native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn in December 1962. Paul is the adopted son of Anna and Pasquale Lore who adopted him at 8 months old. Paul developed a deep love with the ocean early in life which inspired him to enlist in the Marine Corps in 1981. Paul subsequently completed two tours in the Marines with his first assignment at Marine Security Detachment at Naval Air Station Adak, Alaska. He was then transferred to Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune and served on the base staff while working for a special General’s initiative ensuring that every Marine on the base completed their GED. After successfully assisting numerous Marines in completing their educational goals and meeting the General’s goal, he reenlisted and became a Marine Air Traffic Controller. Paul was stationed and finished his second tour at Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe, Hawaii where he worked both as a Station Air Traffic Controller as well as being part of the Mobile Air Traffic Detachment.

In 1988, Paul hired on with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where he has worked as an air traffic controller at four different airports and in numerous leading managerial roles. Paul is a board member of Keep Nassau Beautiful as well as a member of the Fernandina Beach City Marina Advisory Board.  He completed his Undergraduate studies from the University of Michigan in Political Science and his Graduate Studies in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma.

Paul is now a resident of Fernandina Beach, FL and if you need to find him look for him swimming, surfing, or bodyboarding in the ocean. Anyone who knows Paul well, knows that he loves the ocean and volunteering. In 2018, Paul was inspired by his friend, a great leader, and fellow rower Bill Cimino to start a paddle event for veterans. In 2018, both Billy and Paul created a paddle event called Cross the Line – Paddle For Veterans. Over eighty (80) paddlers were on the water and completed an event that raised over $8,000 which was donated to Fight Oar Die a nonprofit Veteran organization focusing on PTSD and Veteran Suicide.

Inspired by Fight Oar Die and the mission, both Billy and Paul formed a nonprofit organization called Cross The Line Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to provide donations and resources to ‘now immediate’ veteran issues or concerns. Paul believes that the ocean has a sincere power to bring people together and a significant property that heals people. To row across an ocean is difficult, it takes a team of committed individuals. Paul believes this team of fellow veterans Billy, Cam, and Hupp have the power to complete not only the open ocean rowing mission, but the mission to make a ‘Now’ change in the lives of all US Veterans who suffer from PTSD and struggle with suicide.


Paul Lore