Miles Sponsored

Mile 1: Dale & Ellen Spencer

Mile 2: Bob & Cherie Chesebrough

Mile 3: Bill Fritz

Mile 4: PTSD is real, be COURAGEOUS

Mile 5: Teresa Naleway 

Mile 6: Kevin Quinn

Mile 7: Fred Jeffers, US Airforce

Mile 8: Mainers

Mile 9: Bruce Covington, US Airforce

Mile 10: Tammy Castleberry

Mile 11: Glasheen Family

Mile 12: Ed

Mile 13: Jeff Barksdale

Mile 14: To all those serving, who have served and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our beautiful country!

Mile 15: Go Waxhead

Mile 16: Go Waxhead

Mile 17: Go Waxhead

Mile 18: Go Waxhead

Mile 19: Gladsheen Family

Mile 20: Go Waxhead

Mile 21: Vicky Dejesus

Mile 22: 22 lives a day is too many!

Mile 23: Dale Kinney

Mile 24: John

Mile 25: Happy Birthday Coach Kinsey, Cristo Rey OKC Rowing Team

Mile 26: Diane Miller

Mile 27: Phil Taylor

Mile 28: Clyde Connor

Mile 29: Katelyn Marine

Mile 30: Diane Miller

Mile 31: Katelyn Marine

Mile 32: Katelyn Marine

Mile 33: Bartlett Wells

Mile 34: Richard Alford

Mile 35: Dedicated to my daughter, Jane Monte, a stroke survivor.

Mile 36: Bruce & Linda Comiskey

Mile 37: Kathryn Dorshimer

Mile 38: Robert Lee

Mile 39: Megan & Elijah Hoover

Mile 40: Susie Lane

Mile 41: Bars Family Foundation (#22aDayIsNotOkay)

Mile 42: Dedicated to Johnny Miller, David Boutin

Mile 43: Bars Family Foundation (#22aDayIsNotOkay)

Mile 44: In Honor of Ernest Powers, US Army, Korea

Mile 45: Joseph Perez

Mile 46: Beverly Cooper

Mile 47: In Memory of Larry Jefferis, US Army, Ret’d. Viet Nam

Mile 48: Bars Family Foundation (#22aDayIsNotOkay)

Mile 49: Fredrick Wood (Mainers)

Mile 50: Gladsheen Family

Mile 51: Keith Ramey- my oldest son and favorite Navy vet!

Mile 52: Sergeant Stephen Lee Long & all our Military

Mile 53: For Sherry, 53 years as my devoted wife, partner & best friend, CAPT John Pulsinelli, USN (ret)

Mile 54: Ryan Barnett

Mile 55: David & Donna Taylor

Mile 56: Robert Shapiro USAF Medic

Mile 57: In honor of Army Veteran Wayne Cromie

Mile 59: Ellen Krasavage

Mile 60: Ellen Krasavage

Mile 61: We dedicate this mile to Larry Loveland - Air Force, Daniel Snow - Navy, Christopher Liston - Army, Al Harris - Army, & Vladimir Harris - Army

Mile 62: John & Pam Gooch

Mile 63: Ronnie and Zelda Weathers

Mile 64: Walt Brinkman

Mile 65: Dedicated to these Navy Veterans who served our Country Honorably: Antonio Zaccagnini JR, Pete Zaccagnini, Ret., Mark Zaccagnini, Ret.

Mile 66: Jeff Evans

Mile 67: Gladsheen Family

Mile 68: Bonnie Jayne Art

Mile 69: Scott & Tara Pierce

Mile 70: Kate Tasillo

Mile 71: Denise Ericson

Mile 72: Sean Maher

Mile 73: Anne Handley

Mile 74: George & Christine Smith 

Mile 75: In Honor of all my brother Vietnam combat veterans especially those who didn’t make it home & those who returned home with physical & mental disabilities

Mile 76: Suzanne & Tom Keenan

Mile 77: Thank you retired GySgt Brian Soucy for your years of Marine Corps service 1977 - 2003

Mile 78: In honor of our dear friend and Hero, Dennis Moorehead. US Army Ranger Vietnam

Mile 79: David Martin

Mile 80: Agnes Lyden

Mile 81: Happy Anniversary Gloria & Mike

Mile 82: This mile is dedicated to those veterans in our family that have served our country...Cpl. Justin Huppmann and Cpl. Denis Huppmann (USMC) as well as John Huppmann (US Army), Alan Huppmann (USN), Erick Huppmann (USAF), Phillip Huppmann (US Army), Tim Huppmann (USAF), and Martin Trody (USN). THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SERVICE!

Mile 83: In Memory of Michael Hodges

Mile 84: Ricky Abernathy

Mile 85: Stacey Brown

Mile 86: In honor of SGM George J. Luketich 1921-2006

Mile 87: Norman & Rhonda Warren

Mile 88: Mike Owens, USMC retired

Mile 89: Susan Martin

Mile 90: Susan Martin

Mile 91: Susan Martin

Mile 92: Lawrence Gittings - Army Veteran Korean War Purple Heart recipient

Mile 93: For the 93rd Bomb Wing USAF 

Mile 94: Amelia Gentle Dentistry - in honor of Mel Olbina, US Navy WWII Veteran

Mile 95: Amelia Gentle Dentistry

Mile 96: Amelia Gentle Dentistry

Mile 97: Amelia Gentle Dentistry

Mile 98: Paul Tiden

Mile 99: Rudy Biro – His 99th B–Day, 7/12/21 – WWII Chief Gunners Mate and last living plank owner USS Stewart 

Mile 100: Sean Woods

Mile 101: Sean Woods

Mile 102: Jenna Scott

Mile 103: Jeff Evans

Mile 104: In honor of our son Kevin & grandfather Paul (Go Army!)

Mile 105: In honor of Hupp Huppmann

Mile 106: In honor of Paul Lore

Mile 107: Scott & Sheila Muir

Mile 108: In honor of Making the Movement Move

Mile 109: Rhonda Gastineau

Mile 110: Dedicated to the Veterans in the Wilson, Farnham & Tomcho families

Mile 111: Chick & Rebecca Armstrong

Mile 112: Ron Rubanowice

Mile 113: In Memory of US Army veteran Dan Novak

Miles 114-116: TeamLogic IT NW Jacksonville, FL

Mile 117: Peggy Bulger

Mile 118: Linda Kurtz

Mile 119: SewUnruly

Mile 120: In honor of my father, SSgt Robert Drake, 397th Fighter Squadron, US Army Air Corps, WWII

Mile 121: In honor of the soldiers of the 121st Infantry Regiment, 48th Infantry Brigade Combat Team...Go Army National Guard!

Mile 122: In honor of Lt. Col. James K. Moyer

Mile 123: Josh Logston

Mile 124: Good luck from fellow Vet John James

Mile 125: John & Alma Cox

Mile 126: In honor of Phillip Hargrove - US Army

Mile 127: For my grandfather Floyd Pennington - Navy Seabee. We build, We fight!

Mile 128: Tamra McAtee

Mile 129: Julie Haynes

Mile 130: In memory of MSgt John J. Anderson (Go Air Force!)

Mile 131: George & Christine Smith

Mile 132: In Memory of Don Wright, USMC WWII

Mile 133: In honor of my Dad - Private Ben Sciarappa - Korean War Veteran

Mile 134: In honor of my Dad - Private Ben Sciarappa - Korean War Veteran

Mile 135: In honor of my Dad - Private Ben Sciarappa - Korean War Veteran

Mile 136: In honor of my Dad - Private Ben Sciarappa - Korean War Veteran

Mile 137: In honor of my Dad - Private Ben Sciarappa - Korean War Veteran

Mile 138: In memory of Wayne Rice - Army Vietnam Veteran

Mile 139: In honor of Paul Lore

Mile 140: In honor of Paul Lore

Mile 141: Bill & Jennifer Nash

Mile 142: In honor of the 3-142nd Assault Helicopter Battalion

Mile 143: Harold & Bonita Gardner

Mile 144: In honor of my Dad - Airman First Class John "Jack" Edward Manning - Korean War Veteran

Mile 145: In honor of my Dad - Airman First Class John "Jack" Edward Manning - Korean War Veteran

Mile 146: In honor of my Dad - Airman First Class John "Jack" Edward Manning - Korean War Veteran

Mile 147: In honor of my Dad - Airman First Class John "Jack" Edward Manning - Korean War Veteran

Mile 148: In honor of my Dad - Airman First Class John "Jack" Edward Manning - Korean War Veteran

Mile 149: Dedicated to my uncle, Lawrence Conception - US Army, who served in Vietnam

Mile 150: Penny Bonvouloir

Mile 151: David Hair

Mile 152: David Hair

Mile 153: Good luck cousin Paul!

Mile 154: Angela Cirilli-Sesti

Mile 155: In memory of Thomas Kalodes A1C US Air Force Vietnam

Mile 156: In memory of James Bogardts TEC 5 US Army WWII

Mile 157: In honor of my special Army Veteran Wayne Cromie

Mile 158: Josephine Cirilli

Mile 159: Earl Hester

Miles 160 - 168: Michael Dormeyer

Mile 169: Connie Wiggins

Mile 170: Michael Dormeyer

Mile 171: Steve Porterfield

Mile 172: In honor of all U.S. Coast Guard Surfmen; past, present and future. #172 sends

Mile 173: Francis Burke

Mile 174: In honor of Charlie Lewis, USS Stormes 1966-69, MCB74 Vietnam 1969-70

Mile 175: In honor of my dad, Col Michael Arcuri

Mile 176: Col Thomas Augustine Barrow

Mile 177: Loving Memory of Joe Voorhees Jr.

Mile 178: Meredith Rainey

Mile 179: In memory of our fathers who served: Vincent Grupposo & Frederick Sommers

Mile 180: Agnes Lyden

Mile 181: Roland B. Boone

Mile 182: Susanne Brisach

Mile 183: In loving memory of Jeff Sands

Mile 184: In honor of CPO Harry E. Bowman, USN (Ret), deceased but never forgotten!

Mile 185: Mike Lednovich

Miles 186 - 187: NSCDA-FL STA

Mile 188: Katherine Brunt

Miles 189 - 191: NSCDA-FL STA

Mile 192: Rock on and Row for the purpose! God speed & safe travels!

Miles 193 - 196: In honor of Charles W. Tobermann, WWII 89th Infantry. Always be Courageous!

Mile 197: Steve & Carol Hinnant

Mile 198: Deni Karpowich

Mile 199: In honor of Patrick Butler

Mile 200: Dan Wolff

Mile 201: Dana Wolff

Mile 202: Kimberly Wolff

Mile 203: Suzanna Wolff

Mile 204: Sarah Edwards

Mile 205: Pi-Tech, Inc.

Mile 206: Sarah Edwards

Mile 207: Janet Mann

Mile 208: Jim and Linda Hill

Mile 209: Bonnie Dawson

Mile 210: In memory of my dad, Joe Kircher, Korean War Army Veteran

Mile 211: Thank you Hupp for all your selfless acts that bring happiness to many

Mile 212: Chris Crawford: In memory of Doug

Mile 213: Chipper & Julie Hall

Mile 214: Chipper & Julie Hall

Miles 215 - 217: Chris Crawford: In memory of Doug

Mile 218: Connie Wiggins

Mile 219: Christopher Marquez

Mile 220: In honor of Michael Tepe

Mile 221: Chris Crawford: In memory of Doug

Mile 222: Josh Logston

Mile 223: Phyllis Barrett

Mile 224: Samantha Horowitz

Mile 225: In Memory of Colonel Anthony De Mattia (Go Army!)

Mile 226: Dori Park

Mile 227: In Loving Memory of Sydney Layne Sanders

Mile 228: Peg Scherr

Mile 229: In honor of my dad, James C. Partleton, US Coastie

Miles 230 - 239: In honor of James F. Wittmeyer, WWII veteran, medic European theatre; Also honoring Douglas P. Gahris (Navy veteran) and Kevin J. Gahris, USAF (presently serving) 

Mile 240: In honor of CTMCM(AW) Patrica R. Riley for her 24 years of US Navy service

Mile 241: In memory of Ernie Millan

Mile 242: Diane Hissey

Mile 243: Boova

Mile 244: Mary Cielo

Mile 245: Joseph Brown & Gwen Gratto Cox

Mile 246: For all the past, present, & future Warriors! We're here to support you! K9s for Warriors

Mile 247: Down Seven Up Eight 247 365; Hold Fast

Mile 248: Honoring our Marine Veteran son-in-law Barrett Wall

Mile 249: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 250: Jorge Vallejo

Mile 251: In gratitude to all who have served our great country, including the K9s

Mile 252: George & Christine Smith 

Mile 253: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 254: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 255: Dedicated to the FOAR team, all veterans, and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend our great nation. God bless you all.

Mile 256: Tim & Stephanie Bradley

Mile 257: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 258: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 259: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 260: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 261: In honor of Ed Trimmel

Mile 262: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 263: COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 264: In honor of the veterans of the Davidson family

Mile 265: Cpl Richard M O’Neill, US Army, Korean War; Sailor Roger M Dansereau, US Navy

Mile 266: Sandy Allen

Mile 267: In honor of all the veterans who have defended our great country

Miles 268 - 270: Amelia Island Dental

Mile 271: Marianne Crowley

Mile 272: The Foar From Home Team

Mile 273: In honor of Maj (ret) Brett Blalock

Mile 274: In honor of Luke Carter

Mile 275: Lynn Mackle

Mile 276: Tony & Rocky Cardenas

Mile 277: Tonya & Shawn Torgeson

Mile 278: AH Billy Cam Paul - Team Taylor

Mile 279: Phyllis Davis

Mile 280: Agnes Lyden

Mile 281: Carolyn Henderson

Mile 282: May God bless you & keep you safe! K9s for Warriors Puppy Raisers

Mile 283: Dr. John G. Rogers, USN Korean War - the Rogers Family

Miles 284 - 286: Stephen Miniea

Mile 287: All of our Puppy-Raised Service Dogs - K9s for Warriors

Mile 288: Bernie Heyman, US Army WWII

Mile 289: In honor of all who have served. We are grateful.

Mile 290: Harlan Craig & Raymond Andree

Miles 291 - 292: Corrine & Woody Baker: for COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 293: Vir Quisque Vir...Calepa Ta Kala = Every man a man...Not without labor!

Miles 294 - 298: Corrine & Woody Baker: for COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 299: The Abbott Family

Mile 300:  I honor my father, a Navyman who served in WWII

Mile 301: The sophomore class from Jacksonville University. Thank you for your service!

Mile 302: Corrine & Woody Baker: for COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 303: Daulton Leonard

Mile 304: George & Christine Smith 

Mile 305: Corrine & Woody Baker: for COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 306: Dedicated to Vicki

Mile 307: Ashley Weckback

Mile 308: Pete Onstott

Mile 309: Corrine & Woody Baker: for COURAGEOUS Kennel

Mile 310: In memory of my best friend and brother Kevin who left us too soon.

Mile 311: In honor of Nello J. Burian, Jr. USMC MOS0311, Afghanistan

Mile 312: David & Jan Ker: Four Da Boyz

Mile 313: In honor of my hubby Mark Depowski

Mile 314: Stuart & Eileen Klein

Mile 315: Jamie Tilden, Commander US Navy

Mile 316: Stuart & Eileen Klein

Mile 317: Love Ken & Marsha

Mile 318: Heidi & Matt

Mile 319: Ashley Weckback

Mile 320: In honor of AOCM(AW/SW) Terry R. Riley for his 32 years of US Navy service

Mile 321: Sandra Shelton

Mile 322: Brinda Linck

Mile 323: NSCDA-FL Orlando Town Committee

Mile 324: Julie Karaffa

Mile 325: In honor of ME. Davi Depowski

Mile 326: In honor of William Jabez Garner "Uncle Billy", Korean War

Mile 327: Jerry Shircliff

Mile 328: Alan Hopkins

Mile 329: Connie Wiggins

Mile 330: LT. Paul F Kalat-Welcome Aboard

Mile 331: Saveria Tilden

Mile 332: Douglas P. Gahris (Navy veteran) & Kevin J. Gahris, USAF

Mile 333: In honor of Paul Lore

Mile 334: Robert & Aurelia Hollm: Godspeed Gentlemen

Mile 335: Thank you for being COURAGEOUS! JEA

Mile 336: In honor of John Rogers

Miles 337 - 338: Thank you for being COURAGEOUS! JEA

Mile 339: Curt Burns: Happy Birthday Mom Burns!

Miles 340- 342: Tom Gilbertson

Mile 343: For FDNY, the number of fighters who gave their lives on 911

Miles 344 - 345: Thank you for being COURAGEOUS! JEA

Mile 346: In honor of Doug, Connie, & Kevin Gahris and their collective service to our country in the Navy, FAA, & AF - Patti & Jon Amy

Mile 347: Jeremy Kowalik

Mile 348: In honor of all the "Eye Street Irish" who have served over the last 200 years

Mile 349: Genece Minshew

Mile 350: Denise & Daryl Miller - in memory of Susan Miller who loved the ocean

Mile 351: In memory of MACS Kirk E. Mallonee, USN, retired; AE3 Robert C. Braddock, USN; in honor of AT1 Benjamin Boles, USN

Mile 352: In honor of my late father, Harry DeCrispino

Mile 353: American River Strokers Foundation & Duke Beach

Mile 354: Anthony Manzolina

Mile 355: Rich & Penny Dusak

Mile 356: In honor of my dad, Royce O. Stevens, WWII Veteran, US Navy

Mile 357: All American Ship Agents

Miles 358 - 360: Gregg Garrett: Proud of you guys!

Mile 361: In honor of Ronald Barber (Go Navy!)

Miles 362 - 364: Gregg Garrett: Proud of you guys!

Mile 365: Down Seven Up Eight 247 365; Hold Fast

Mile 366: In honor of my cousins Craig Payne (USAF) & Scott Cohenour (US Army)

Miles 367 - 368: Gregg Garrett: Proud of you guys!

Mile 369: Dedicated to my daughter Katie, an enthusiastic nurse on the spinal unit at the Miami VA Hospital

Miles 370 - 376: Fred Johnston: Godspeed Gentlemen!!

Mile 377: DPR Heather Taylor

Miles 378 - 380: Fred Johnston: Godspeed Gentlemen!!

Miles 381 - 382: Gregg Garrett: Proud of you guys!

Mile 383: Brandi Perkins

Mile 384: Karen Marie Diaz

Mile 385: To honor the service of Jack Vander Biezen

Mile 386: James Buchanan Hall, US Army, Vietnam

Mile 387: In memory of John J. Donnelly, Sr., US Army, WWII, who was always courageous & our hero! Pam & Paul Guyette

Mile 388: Dedicated to these 4 brave & selfless men, noting my cousin Paul Lore

Mile 389: John Vuko, US Army veteran

Mile 390: Heather Flynn

Mile 391: For Paul Lore, a man who lives life to the fullest!

Mile 392: Blue Heron Therapeutics

Mile 393: Davi & Mark Depowski

Miles 394 - 397: Blue Heron Therapeutics

Mile 398: In honor of Frank Stovall Lee

Mile 399: The Abbott Family

Mile 400: Holiday Parker

Mile 401: Debbie Schultz

Mile 402: Jim Alba

Mile 403: In honor of Vietnam Veteran Michael Stephen Wilsford

Mile 404: Joanna Cook

Mile 405: In honor of David Augspurger & all our vets

Miles 406 - 407: Tom & Constance Wiggins

Mile 408: Marcy & Craig Anderson

Mile 409: Matt Miller (Active Duty USN) & Daniel Miller (Active Duty USAF)

Mile 410: Lawrence Fortin, USN

Mile 411: In honor of Vietnam Vets

Mile 412: KB

Mile 413: Steve Kornas, Jr., US Army, Korean War; Raymond Teeple, US Army

Miles 414 - 416: Tom & Constance Wiggins

Mile 417: Patty Haynes: Thank you to my daddy & his service

Mile 418: The Brew Shed

Mile 419: William Miller, US Navy; Bryan Miller, USMC; Jeff Miller, US Navy

Mile 420: Joseph Perez

Mile 421: Carolyn Land

Mile 422: Capt Herbert W. Bacheller, USN Ret.

Mile 423: In honor of Huber R. Parsons III , Iraq War

Mile 424: Arthur Catullo USN Ret.

Mile 425: Trish Magyari

Mile 426: Peace Foar All! Dale and Lauree Hemke

Mile 427: In honor of Eugene F. McElhaney, USMC & Jack Onstott, USAF; Gayle McElhaney Shickel & Pete Onstott

Mile 428: Steven Fineberg

Mile 429: Michael Hodges

Miles 430 - 431:  John & Jessica OBryan

Mile 432: Bernie Heyman, US Army WWII

Mile 433: Elizabeth Pittman

Mile 434: Sharon Spicer

Mile 435: Fran Whitehead

Mile 436: For our beautiful friend Paul. I know how much he means to us, especially to you. I love you Jimmy...Merry Christmas. Jessie

Mile 437: Douglas Walter

Mile 438: Jean Taylor

Mile 439: In memory of Mr. & Mrs. George Fernau of The Futures of America singing group, St. Louis, MO

Mile 440: Disabled American Veterans

Mile 441: Michael Peterson

Mile 442: Ed & Dot Redmond, US Army, WWII

Mile 443: Lori Goldblatt

Mile 444: Marilyn Snipes

Mile 445: Susan Turnbo

Mile 446: Penny Bonvouloir

Miles 447 - 448: To our family who served, Fred Schaefer, Ken Wiza, Adam Wiza & Lisa Schaefer. Thank you

Mile 449: Lawrence Rogers

Mile 450: In memory of Bill Bannister

Mile 451: Eva Marie Burns

Miles 452 - 453: Mara O'Day

Mile 454: Andrew Wallace - my nephew

Mile 455: Mara O'Day

Mile 456: Kristie Breshears

Mile 457: Fern & all her friends (and yours!) at the Nassau Humane Society

Mile 458: Jim Logston

Mile 459: Lilly Scheetz

Mile 460: In memory of Jack Moss, British Army; WWII-Burma, 1942-1946

Mile 461: Karen Putzke

Mile 462: In memory of Joshua Von Westerhagen. RIP Joshua, we miss you so very much.

Mile 463: Pamela Shoemaker

Mile 464: Jennifer Spiker

Miles 465 - 466: Pamela Shoemaker

Mile 467: In memory of Barry Bier

Mile 468: Thank you for your service! Ted & Nancy Landgraf

Mile 469: In memory of Michael Prebula, US Navy. Sadly he took his own life 11/3/18

Mile 470: In honor of all who have & do serve - Christine Pappas

Miles 471 - 472: For all my buddies who lost their struggle, died in theater, or due to our missions - you are NOT forgotten! Christine Langin

Mile 473: Chester Heard

Mile 474: Steven Anderson

Mile 475: To the courageous man who fought for our freedom

Mile 476: Sarah Weitz

Mile 477: Teresa Horn

Mile 478: For the grandkids of Mark & Davi

Mile 479: Richard Moore

Mile 480: In honor of my son, Justin Jasinsky, former Marine

Mile 481: Virginia Roberts

Miles 482 - 484: Donation from Moran Environmental Recovery in Jacksonville, FL as part of the MER Community Impact Grant Program

Mile 485: Kari Gaddis

Mile 486: Richard Moore

Mile 487: Diane Waldon

Mile 488: In memory of Patricia "Granny" Smith (1933 - 2022); we are forever grateful for the generosity, warmth & humor she shared with all of us

Mile 489: Cesar Perez

Mile 490: Broad Family

Mile 491: All those who have sacrificed to make our homeland safer - Joshua Hari

Miles 492 - 493: Joseph Rogers

Mile 494: For your service - Debi

Miles 495 - 496: Joseph Rogers

Mile 497: In memory of my wonderful husband, Major Richard Elwood Conner, WWII & Korea veteran

Mile 498: Laura & Barry Gluntz

Mile 499: In honor of the current active service of Major Brad Mercier, US Army

Mile 500: Herman S. Stanley, US Army Air Corp WWII

Mile 501: Kenneth L. Stanley, US Army 1970-1972

Mile 502: Brian A. Stanley, US Army & Florida National Guard, Second Persian War

Mile 503: Miles A. Stanley, USMC 2020-present

Mile 504: Emily M. Stanley, Florida National Guard 2020-present

Miles 505 - 507: Joseph, Anthony, and Salvatore Barone

Mile 508: In honor of Foar From Home

Mile 509: Larissa Ann Stebler

Mile 510: Darlene Smith

Mile 511: Marcy & Craig Anderson

Mile 512: Brandy Carvalho

Mile 513: Zander Javier Laurin

Mile 514: In memory of Mick Flournoy

Mile 515: Rockwell Law, PLLC

Mile 516: Dedicated to Wade Wassenberg, my grandpas, & all the veterans!

Mile 517: Sabrie & Mark Edmonston - NSCDA-FL

Mile 518: Robert Chesnut

Mile 519: Joseph Rogers

Mile 520: Kelly Bankston

Mile 522: Linda King

Mile 523: For family & all those we have lost

Mile 524: Sam Hughes & our future service men & women!

Mile 525: In Memory of Bruce Porter – Fernandina Beach - US Navy-Shellback

Mile 526: In memory of Terry Barnich & Magid Hussein - US Embassy Baghdad 2008

Mile 527: In Memory of Bruce Porter – Fernandina Beach – US Navy-Proud Supporter of America’s Veterans

Mile 529: In honor of my dad, Korean War veteran, and all those who have served

Mile 530: Karen Hadley Copp

Mile 531: Mike Skorb

Mile 533: In remembrance of the crew & passengers of ICY 33, KIA 1/7/06: Alaska Crew - CW4 Chester W. Troxel, 1LT Jaime L. Campbell, SPC Michael I. Edwards, SPC Jacob E. Melson; Soldiers - MAJ Stuart M. Anderson, 1LT Joseph D. DeMoors, MAJ Douglas A. LaBouff, CPT Michael R. Martinez, DAC Darren D. Braswell, CIV Charles S. Allen, CIV Arsenio Domingo, CIV Robert Timmann; and my good friend COL Paul M. Kelly, KIA 1/20/07

Mile 535: In honor & memory of SSGT Bob Totten, USAF, whom I served with in the 535th tactical airlift squadron, Can Ranh Bay, Vietnam, 1971

Mile 536: Sparky Weitzel

Miles 537 - 538: Dedicated to my dad - Seaman First Class, Albert W. Piel, Jr.

Mile 539: Ken Yager

Mile 540: Alan Caulkins

Mile 545: In Memory of my son Eric Crossman 

Mile 550: In honor of K9s for Warriors

Mile 551: Connie Wiggins

Mile 554: Ken Clements

Mile 555: Josh Logston

Mile 560: In memory of Daniel Duhig, USAF

Mile 561: In honor of my father - Navy, Korean War

Mile 563: Superfan Debbie Drury

Mile 567: In memory of Sgt Tommy Fulford, Army, who died on May 19, 1967, in service to his country

Mile 571: In memory of my uncle, CDR Donald L. Caskey, who retired in 1971 as Commander, Norfolk Naval Amphibious Base

Mile 577: In memory of Keith Herriff (12/10/1944 - 1/10/2022), US Army, Vietnam War Veteran, Purple Heart Recipient

Mile 580: James Quincy Austin, PFC US Army, Vietnam

Mile 581: Major Don "Butch" Schaeffer

Mile 588: Mary & Barry Stecher

Mile 590: John Robert Fay, my dad, Navy sonar man Korean War

Mile 595: Debra Fay: I'm proud of people who care for others. We need more of that. Get it!!!

Mile 598: Susan Brown

Mile 599: Jerry Lee's Music

Mile 600: Col. Christopher Danbeck, US Army

Mile 602: Richard Hamilton, US Navy

Mile 603: Rich Plourde

Mile 604: In honor of my late husband who died from Agent Orange-related illnesses. This mile reflects his birthday.

Mile 606: In honor of all US Navy Submarine Force Veterans. Mile 606 for my first boat, USS TINOSA SSN 606. Lisa and Donn Haviland MMCM(SS) Retired. 

Miles 609: In honor of Jimmy Wildes, SGT. US Army

Mile 610: Jon & Tim

Mile 611: In memory of Keith Corzine, WWII veteran

Mile 612: In honor of Frank Berta, USAF, DaNang ’65-66

Mile 613: Thomas R Finnwety Jr., US Navy

Mile 614: For my late father, Dick Papaj, Korean War Veteran

Mile 615: In Honor of Jennings Norwood, US Army, WWII

Mile 616: Kimberlyn Barnwell

Mile 617: Marie Riley

Mile 618: Tim Lee, USCG

Mile 619: NSCDA-FL Orlando Town Committee

Mile 620: Dedicating Mile 620 to USNA Class of '62 (my father's class)

Mile 621: Greg D'Alessio

Mile 622: Barbara DiPietro

Mile 623: For all my family that have served - Robin Watrous

Mile 624: Jay Bright USN1977

Mile 627: Mary Douglas

Mile 628: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Mile 629: Brayden Taylor

Mile 630: Hank Boehm, WWII & Korean War veteran

Mile 636: Sparky Weitzel

Mile 642: My son Anthony Saxon, who lost his battle to his PTSD demons. My hero, my warrior.

Mile 644: Joseph F. Mone, WWII & Korea

Mile 650: Catherine Ward

Miles 656 - 658: In memory of Annie Jarvis Greens, row safe with following seas...she was amazed at the thought of your adventure: Rusty & Patti

Miles 660 - 662: In memory of Annie Jarvis Greens, row safe with following seas...she was amazed at the thought of your adventure: Rusty & Patti

Mile 665: In memory of Annie Jarvis Greens, row safe with following seas...she was amazed at the thought of your adventure: Rusty & Patti

Mile 666: Matt Callen, USMC

Miles 667 - 673: In memory of Annie Jarvis Greens, row safe with following seas...she was amazed at the thought of your adventure: Rusty & Patti

Mile 674: USS Trepang SSN 674

Mile 675: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Miles 676 - 697: In memory of Annie Jarvis Greens, row safe with following seas...she was amazed at the thought of your adventure: Rusty & Patti

Mile 698: Kemper & John Gay

Mile 699: Marie Massie: In honor of all the service puppies I've raised (9) in the last 6 years

Mile 700: William Jeffers

Mile 701: Kristin Kalsem

Mile 705: In memory of my Dad, Walter R Johnson

Mile 707: Bonnie & Greg DeGroot honoring cousin Cam Hansen and his fellow rowers on this incredible journey

Mile 709: To celebrate Bob Bradecamp! God speed Gentlemen!

Mile 710: Greg & Tia Dady

Mile 711: In loving memory of Teresa Louise Forehand

Mile 712: In honor of Bill Stripling (USA), Anthony Schuur (USMC), John Thorne-Thomsen (USA) & in memory of Carl Thorne-Thomsen (USA, Bronze Star)

Mile 713: Scott Douglas

Mile 714: In Loving Memory of John Finamore, Jr.

Mile 715: Martha Martin

Mile 716: Eddie & Paul Martinez: In honor of our dear friend Woody Scruggs

Mile 717: NSCDA-FL Orlando Town Committee

Mile 718: In Memory of Andrew J. Jones-US Navy-WWII-North Africa, Sicily and South Pacific

Mile 719: Dedicated to the officers & crew of USS Providence, SSN 719, Pride!

Mile 720: Kelly Voboril

Mile 721: Joe & Cathy Reynolds

Mile 722: In Memory of A.T. Ray, USN, USS New York, BB-34, USS New York, WWII

Mile 723: John Phelan

Mile 724: Jo Henning

Mile 725: USS HELENA

Mile 726: Carla Barilla

Mile 727: In loving memory of Robert 'Bob' Richards

Mile 728: Steve & Lauren Wilsford

Mile 729: Ben, thank you for your service in the US Army & thank you to the Foar Team for their inspirational journey! Bob & Suzanne

Mile 730: In memory of SMSgt Nicholas Day - USAF 7-30-2021

Mile 731: In honor of my wife’s birthday

Miles 732 - 735: In honor of Bill Stripling (USA), Anthony Schuur (USMC), John Thorne-Thomsen (USA) & in memory of Carl Thorne-Thomsen (USA, Bronze Star)


Mile 740: Rhonda Russo

Mile 742: Capprice & Monty Kitchen

Mile 747: Robert Drake

Mile 749: James Scott

Mile 750: Burt & Sarah McCullough

Mile 751: USS SAN JUAN

Mile 754: In honor of MMCS(SS) Paul Merritt

Mile 755: George Smith

Mile 756: MM2(SS) Chris Houston 

Mile 757: Nate, Meeghan, Aiden, & Cullen Griffin

Miles 760 - 761: Judy & Peter LaCross

Mile 770: Jimmy Wildes & Bob Sasser

Mile 773: Dave & Marilyn Haggerty

Mile 776: Vaughan-Latham Society Children of the American Revolution: Honoring America's 1st Veterans

Mile 777: Tharp family lucky number we hope it's yours as well!

Mile 780: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Mile 784: Diane Waldon


Mile 795: Joseph T. Cotter & John J. Cotter

Mile 799: Jerry Lee's Music

Mile 800: In honor of all veterans, past & present

Mile 801: Jim & Patti Saunderson

Mile 802: In memory of Captain Jason Back, USMC

Mile 804: Betty Tilden

Mile 805: Allison & Jonathan Capps

Mile 806: Happy Anniversary, Ruth & Paul!

Mile 810: In honor of Lynda Dahl, USMC

Mile 811: My nephew, Anthony K. Saxon, Veteran, lost 8/11/2021 to PTSD. Eternally grateful for your service.

Mile 813: Happy Anniversary, Starla & Cam!

Mile 814: In honor of our son-in-law, Major Michael T. Petersen

Mile 815: In honor of Paul Lore

Mile 816: Walter Smith

Mile 817: Bob Hennessy

Mile 818: In memory of Dana Baer

Mile 820: Sean Woods

Mile 821: In honor of my father, Lester Myrick, US Army

Mile 822: NSCDA-FL Orlando Town Committee

Mile 823: Amanda Hemp-Your Connetquot friend, God speed!

Mile 827: Josie Tilden

Mile 828: In memory of Mark Thorpe, US Army

Mile 829: Happy Anniversary Neil & Kristi Stambersky

Mile 830: American River Strokers Foundation & Duke Beach

Mile 831: Alan Caulkins

Mile 849: In memory at A1C Timothy Cover Holloman AFB; 6/11/11

Mile 850: In honor of K9s for Warriors

Mile 871: Donnie & Andrea Cornelius

Mile 874: In honor of Edward D. Farmer, US Army

Mile 875: Dedicated to my father, Harvey W. Litchfield (10/6/1947 - 7/18/2019)

Mile 884: Susan & Kevin McCormick

Mile 886: In honor of Bill Myers, USS Orleck DD886 WWII

Mile 888: Wicked Bao

Miles 898 - 900: Aaron & Brandi Whitehouse

Mile 901: Carol Kuykendall: In honor of our family members who have served

Mile 902: Capt. William J. Hennessy

Mile 904: For my daughter Carolyn for taking such good care of me

Mile 905: Julie & James Higbee: Dedicated to our parents & grandparents who proudly served our nation in the Army and Navy

Mile 906: In honor of Sgt Wade Wassenberg, Army Ranger, 1st Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1977-2008, RIP

Mile 907: Vic & Jenny Deacon: To all the beers & songs we'll share when you return

Mile 908: Paul Tilden

Mile 909: Chris O'Connor

Mile 910: Ash & Jessica Fowler

Mile 911: First Responders

Mile 912: Brinda Linck

Mile 913: In memory of Patrick J. Hargon, US Army, loving husband & father

Mile 914: Connie Wiggins

Mile 915: Wish fair winds & following seas - Capt Ermie Lewis

Mile 916: In honor of William Davidson

Mile 917: Brandon McClellan

mile 919: Richard Glenn White

Mile 920: Dedicated to my courageous, amazing Marine husband, John!

Mile 921: Center of Hope

Mile 922: Katherine Haynes

Mile 923: In honor of John Davidson

Mile 924: Ted Dempsey

Mile 925: In memory of my daddy, Robert Frank Boyle, Sr., US Army Korean War Veteran

Mile 926: Tamra Mcatee

Mile 928: In memory of Jamey Collette, US Army Desert Storm

Mile 929: Jimmy Clark

Mile 930: Joseph Alton Bledsoe

Mile 931: In memory of Paul Rodgers and Lulu King

Mile 937: In memory of my dad, Jack Horn, a veteran who understood the healing power of a four-legged companion

Mile 950: In memory of Thomas L. Rhodes, a Courageous Vet

Mile 952: Lori & Kent Croon

Mile 955: Patti Weigel

Mile 961: Troy Spiker

Mile 963: Pam Green

Mile 965: Dedicated to Billy Beisler, IV (Army); William Beisler, III (Army); Paul LoRe (Navy); and of course, Paul LoRe (USMC)

Mile 970: To honor the 3rd Armored Division, Germany, 1965-1967

Mile 980: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Mile 994: In honor of Maura Curtin-Stubblefield, US Navy

Mile 998: Laura & Barry Gluntz

Mile 999: In honor of the current active service Major Brad Mercier, US Army

Mile 1000: Patti Roberts

Mile 1001: In honor of Paul Lore and my brother, veteran Bill Beisler

Mile 1002: Michael Powers - to all Veterans

Mile 1003: Jeffery Allen Evans, USMC 10/3/66-5/19/17

Mile 1004: Happy Birthday Mom!! Joanne Galanida

Mile 1005: In memory of Betty A. Taker & Capt L.D. Taker, USMC (Ret)

Mile 1006: In honor of Lilly Davidson

Mile 1007: In memory of James B. Eline (Army)

Mile 1008: Bill & Jennifer Nash

Mile 1009: Linda Twiggs

Mile 1010: David & Susan Quinn

Mile 1012: Robin Jones

Mile 1013: In honor of all the vets in our family

Mile 1014: Michael Powers - to all Veterans

Mile 1015: Robert & Aurelia Hollm

Mile 1016: Robert & Aurelia Hollm

Mile 1017: Sean Woods

Mile 1018: Lori Osborne

Mile 1019: EH & Sally Levering

Mile 1020: Happy Anniversary, Lu & Hupp!

Mile 1021: Happy Anniversary, Katie & Billy!

Mile 1022: In honor of Foar From Home

Mile 1023: Allan & Dana Jones – US Army/Korea/Iraq

Mile 1024: Isabella Hetz

Mile 1025: Deb Cunningham

Mile 1026: Lisa McAbee

Mile 1027: Nicole Tilden

Mile 1028: In honor of our daughter Lauren & Lt Col John Tatar (Go Air Force!)

Mile 1029: Sean Woods

Mile 1030: In memory of my father Zack who left us too soon.

Mile 1031: William Smillie, USA

Mile 1032: Richard Stevens - RIP

Mile 1035: Lizzy Dembo & Susan Michael

Mile 1037: Lizzy Dembo & Susan Michael

Mile 1040: CD Bean

Mile 1042: Richard Stevens - RIP

Mile 1043: In honor of all who served in the 43rd Signal Battalion

Mile 1044: In memory of Dave Turner who loved the sea

Mile 1046: Aunt Bernie & Uncle Bill

Mile 1050: Lane McCabe: God Speed!

Mile 1052: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Mile 1060: Lori Brown

Mile 1067: For Marty & all our veteran family members & Chicago family 1st Responders. Semper Fi!

Mile 1070: Jen Horak

Mile 1086: Capprice & Monty Kitchen

Mile 1098: Jerry Lee's Music

Mile 1099: Cavsound & Lights

Mile 1100: Arnold Rogers

Mile 1101: Mark Cwick

Mile 1102: Tom & David Gilman

Mile 1103: To Jordan (the best) & Fern

Mile 1104: Laurie Norwood

Mile 1105: Betsy Beaumont

Mile 1107: Linda Cavadeas

Mile 1108: Kevin Sumrell, USN

Mile 1111: Chick & Rebecca Armstrong

Mile 1112: Mary Hartman

Mile 1113: Brinda Linck

Mile 1114: Cousin Mike Hodges

Mile 1115: In honor of WWII vet, Lt Col William O. Kind

Mile 1116: Ann Jeter

Mile 1117: Mark Stephen Crowley

Mile 1119: Brinda Linck

Mile 1120: Scott Douglas

Mile 1122: Tim & Linda

Mile 1123: Mike Skorb

Mile 1124: In honor of my grandson Max whose parents served in the Coast Guard

Mile 1125: Jack Schoolfield

Mile 1126: Gina & John Sterns

Mile 1127: NSCDA-FL Orlando Town Committee

Mile 1128: Remember USMC PFC Sholan

Mile 1129: In honor of Navy Veteran Jack Mietz

Mile 1130: You all Rock!! Eddie Rankin & Sue Cimino

Mile 1133: Julie Zoubul

Mile 1145: For our buddy Marty the Marine

Mile 1150: Lee & Jenny Pettit

Mile 1156: In loving memory of K.E. Fay & H.F. Maffett, both WWII vets

Mile 1166: Bill Skulmis

Mile 1175: In memory of my father, a WWII vet

Mile 1181: In honor of all who served in the 181st Signal Company in Heidelberg

Mile 1199: Dedicated to the courage & sacrifice you guys are making! We are so proud of you. Richard, Lori & Olivia

Mile 1200: Betsy Towers

Mile 1201: Kathy & Bill Brake

Mile 1202: Dedicated to FFH - Denise Bonvouloir

Mile 1203: In memory of Colin Crowell

Mile 1204: In memory of our son Jake Berglund

Mile 1205: Scotty Bergseng

Mile 1206: In memory of Anne Horstman. She loved the water & Fernandina!

Mile 1207: In honor of Army Veteran Frank Allen

Mile 1209: To Jordan (the best) & Fern

Mile 1210: Remember Fred Wezniak USN

Mile 1211: To Jordan (the best) & Fern

Mile 1212: Paul Hensler

Mile 1214: Matt Hare

Mile 1215: Scott & Stephanie Wilson

Mile 1216: for Madison, from Grandpa Stanley

Mile 1217: Scott & Stephanie Wilson

Mile 1218: Payson Tilden

Mile 1219: Walter Smith

Mile 1220: Jon Westmoreland

Mile 1221: My love, my queen, soon to be my wife Darlene

Mile 1222: American River Strokers Foundation

Mile 1224: Nancy McDowell

Mile 1225: Anthony & Mary Taylor

Mile 1226: A to Z : Delfs/Manticas

Mile 1227: In loving memory of my dad, Jack Mott from Live Oak, FL (Korean War veteran)

Mile 1228: Donald "Mickey" McGuire, US Navy, WWII

Mile 1229: Chris Burns

Mile 1230: In honor of Andrew Zahren, Korean War Veteran

Mile 1231: Dedicated to FFH - Denise Bonvouloir

Mile 1234: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Mile 1250: Eric Mettendorf

Mile 1263: In memory of Albert P. Digianfrancesco, US Navy, RM2, WWII

Mile 1269: Sheri Van Orden

Mile 1277: Carin Sesto Powell

Mile 1283: Rachel Keller

Mile 1285: Jordan Moore

Mile 1288: Thanks to all who serve this country - Sanganur Mahadevan

Mile 1297: Benjamin Allen McNair "US Air Force"

Mile 1299: Dedicated to my cousin Jerry Flieger who lost his life in Vietnam serving his country. God bless you for your sacrifice Jerry.

Mile 1301: Stay between the lines!! So proud!!

Mile 1308: Bill Smith, US Navy, WWII

Mile 1309: Ella, Anna, Blake, Charley, & Evelyn

Mile 1311: For all First Responders & Veterans! Chicago Loves you!!

Mile 1313: Kory Klix

Mile 1314: To our brothers & sisters in arms that need our help - Dave Daigle

Mile 1323: Carol Meadows

Mile 1330: Ken & Sharon Lucius 

Mile 1331: Richard Cline

Mile 1333: Dedicated to Hupp

Mile 1334: Christine Wier

Mile 1335: Christine Wier

Mile 1336: Christine Wier

Mile 1337: Christine Wier

Mile 1343: Erik & Kay DeValk

Mile 1355: In Memory of Gale W Croon, USAF

Mile 1360: Renee Stoffel

Mile 1362: Billy Powell

Mile 1365: Sean Woods

Mile 1369: In honor of Carolyn King

Mile 1379: Leslie Dempsey

Mile 1380: Lane McCabe: God Speed!

Mile 1400: Dedicated to the Bandelin, Rybak, Abdo, & Waldon Veterans - John, Harold, Chick, Gerry, & Dick

Miles 1401 - 1410: In honor of the FOAR heroes from Fernandina - Marsha & Danny King

Mile 1412: Gavin 14, Addison 12

Mile 1414: Way to go Cameron!! Kenneth & Bridgette

Mile 1420: Anthony & Mia Bamber

Mile 1423: Sherri Rinker/Richmond Chandler

Mile 1430: Jerome Panisak

Miles 1432 - 1433: In honor of those suffering with PTSD in every aspect, including me. In honor of everyone that needed more. Reach for me, give me a chance to reach back. I love you 2. I love you too!

Miles 1435 - 1436: In honor of those suffering with PTSD in every aspect, including me. In honor of everyone that needed more. Reach for me, give me a chance to reach back. I lost you today. I love you always.

Mile 1437: Rebecca Armstrong

Mile 1440: Mary Sherer

Mile 1441: Ruth Peacock & Mike Tilghman

Mile 1443: Joy Smith

Mile 1454: Dedicated to Phil Marcille & Barbi Coyne

Mile 1458: Scott Bornman

Mile 1459: Carol Gilchrist

Mile 1476: Sarah Weitz

Mile 1481: In honor of those who have passed from 20th Company USNA 1975

Mile 1491: Chuck Oliva & Patty Smith

Mile 1492: In memory of Rickey Scott USMC Sgt (USS Wisconsin Gun Captain)

Mile 1493: Capprice & Monty Kitchen

Mile 1494: Phil & Joan Huppmann (deceased) are proudly watching their son Hupp & Courageous bring this home for Vets. This mile is for K9s for Warriors goal. Jamie & Terry

Mile 1495: To my father PFC Anthony Cimino & my brother Captain Bill Cimino

Mile 1496: Laura & Barry Gluntz

Mile 1497: Chewy & the team of the COURAGEOUS

Mile 1498: American River Strokers Foundation and Gold Star Families

Mile 1499: Bethany Degaetano

Mile 1500: Happy Birthday Ed

Mile 1501: Julie Karaffa

Mile 1502: Holly Lane

Miles 1503 - 1506: Our Veterans & First Responders - James Habacker

Mile 1507: Callie Kay's General Store & Outfitters

Mile 1508: American River Strokers Foundation and Gold Star Families

Mile 1509: Sheila & Jack (US Navy) Berlien

Mile 1510: Kayak Amelia - The Hetchka Family

Mile 1511: Dominic Parisi, US Army Veteran

Mile 1512: Past, present, and future veterans...thank you (K9s also)!

Mile 1513: In honor of Dale Brooks - Army Veteran

Mile 1514: Dave Tucker

Mile 1515: Greg Jones

Mile 1516: William S. Gray, USCG

Mile 1517: Sharon Palmer & Jim Rankosky

Mile 1518: Robert Chesnut

Mile 1519: Daniel Partch, US Army, USMC; Michael Nelson, US Army, USN

Mile 1520: Mary Stainken

Mile 1521: In honor of Olav Kollevoll, Sr., WWII veteran, US Navy

Mile 1522: In honor of Ralph Myers, Korean War veteran, US Navy

Mile 1523: In honor of Stanley Smullen, US Navy

Mile 1524: Ole & Judy Kollevoll

Mile 1525: Stay strong!

Mile 1526: Kristine Krush

Mile 1532: A proud Carellas Family

Mile 1533: FCC Jacquez Fontan KIA 6/28/2005

Mile 1543: James W. Hangey proud Navy Vet born 01/05/1943

Mile 1550: Cameron Hansen

Mile 1551: God speed - keep rowing, Mom & Eddie

Mile 1558: Jean Mueller

Mile 1563: In memory of George T. Onderbeke, US Navy

Mile 1565: Robyn Mooney

Mile 1575: Allez! Robert Cash

Mile 1581: Mom & Dad

Mile 1599: In honor of the current active service Major Brad Mercier, US Army

Mile 1600: Bari Hansen

Mile 1610: CPL Mojave Littlejohn

Mile 1614: In honor of you Tim, who served in the USAF, and committed suicide. We miss you!

Mile 1616: Keep on rowing - Steve & Lisa Bugg

Mile 1633: In honor of Veteran Jeffrey Fallon

Mile 1642: Fair Winds & Following Seas - Sgt Nicholas Jeffries, USMC

Mile 1656: Happy Belated Birthday Stas - Rachel

Mile 1661: Terri Nichols

Mile 1666: Dedicated to those who have served - Thank you from the Walrod family!

Mile 1669: In memory of Melissa Margaret Mock

Mile 1672: Dedicated to Marine Paul Lore - Bert Varga

Mile 1688: Jerry Lee's Music

Mile 1693: In honor of my son who served in the Navy

Mile 1700: Peter Erb & Susan Altman - in honor of my brother, Stephen Erb (USMC Vietnam Veteran)

Mile 1703: Susie Lane

Mile 1704: From Morrigan McIntosh to all who have and will serve, thank you

Mile 1720: In honor of all the lost Veterans

Mile 1721: Shepherd Muir

Mile 1723: For David McLain

Mile 1724: In honor of Bernie Doyle, recently deceased Air Force Veteran

Mile 1730: Julie Eby

Mile 1771: God speed to the rowers, Aunt Terri & Eddie

Mile 1776: Dale Cooper - Freedom isn't free

Mile 1777: Ray & Patty Mooney

Mile 1778: All veterans who are serving and have served our country

Mile 1798: All veterans who are serving and have served our country

Mile 1800: Tim Cole, US Army Reserves

Mile 1801: Herbert C. Euler, US Army

Mile 1802: Roger W. Euler, US Army

Mile 1810: Pvt Duncan Gidney, WWI, died Oct 1918

Mile 1816: In honor of Barbi Coyne 1963 - 2018, Brian Coyne

Mile 1818: Ren Melo

Mile 1819: Beatrice Melo

Miles 1820 - 1822: Reny Melo

Mile 1836: Thank you to all those who serve our country and to people like the Foar From Home team who go above and beyond to support the heroes who fight for our freedom.

Mile 1845: The USNA Class of 1975 - 20th Company

Mile 1850: Happy 2022! Gonzalez Guevara Family

Mile 1851: In honor of the COURAGEOUS women who founded Alpha Delta Pi in 1851

Mile 1857: Berkley Ellis: Edinboro

Mile 1865: The Heroes from Operation Redwings KIA 28 June 2005

Mile 1874: Duffers Golf Travel

Mile 1875: Lee Ann & Jim Shobe

Mile 1879: Kevin & Marion Kucharski

Mile 1883: Sponsored by the Fernandina Beach Fire Department

Mile 1892: Hupp: In honor of Chief Yeoman Elijah Bennett, USN

Mile 1893: I am my brothers, sisters, and Sailors keeper. NAVY CHIEF NAVY PRIDE!

Mile 1894: Felix Ramirez Rodriguez (WWI & WWII)

Mile 1898: In honor of the Florida Society of the Colonial Dames of America, the Florida Dames, and President Jane J. Arnold!

Mile 1899: William Jeter Sr.

Miles 1900 - 1901: Chris & Cathy Greco

Mile 1907: In memory of my Grandfather and Hero, Darrell Charles King, a WWII Veteran who served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps

Mile 1909: Dedicating this mile to the "Courageous" ladies: Katie, Lulu, Ruth & Starla. The "Foar" of you are truly amazing! Viv

Mile 1911: Marie Galvin 

Mile 1914: Joseph Nolan

Mile 1916: William Frederick Ellacott, WWI & WWII

Mile 1917: Erwin Hecht, Beloved Dad

Mile 1918: In memory of my grandmother, Prudence, who died in a flu epidemic

Mile 1919: In honor of Ernie Beall - USMC Vietnam Vet

Mile 1920: Colonial Dames Jacksonville Florida

Mile 1921: Joseph J. Shurman, AMM1 US Navy WWII

Mile 1922: Womens Club of Fernandina Beach

Mile 1924: In Honor & Memory of all US Veterans - Anne Apt

Mile 1925: Frank Cerra LCI445

Mile 1926: William B. Towers, USMC, Korean War

Mile 1927: In honor of the Hargis Family Veterans, God Bless our GREAT Veterans

Mile 1928: In memory of John Huska, US Navy, WWII

Mile 1929: Rosie Cox

Mile 1930: A1A Solar Contracting, Inc.

Miles 1931 - 1932: Happy Birthday Mom & Dad! Love, Ann Marie & Brian

Mile 1933: In honor of my daddy, Edwin Donaldson, U.S. Army

Mile 1934: In memory of Fred Ozment, Army & USMC Veteran; Rest Easy Daddy - Susan Ozment Hargis

Mile 1935: Cheeseburger in Paradise

Mile 1936: Way to go Billy Cimino!! Johnny Beehner, VyStar Investment Services

Mile 1937: Charles Goode

Mile 1938: Randy & Nancy Pennington from Virginia - GO HUPP!!

Mile 1939: Capt. Ernie Lewis, US Navy retired

Mile 1940: Lt. Col. James Henry Bennett, WWII, Korean, Okinawa

Mile 1941: Johnny Mae Lairsey, US Airforce

Miles 1942 - 1943: Go Get 'Em! - Ret Smsgt George & Dee Beaumont

Mile 1944: In honor of Harold " Pinky" Durham, US Army MoH '67

Mile 1945: Frederick Eisenbise, WWII

Mile 1946: In honor of my brother, Rickey, USMC

Mile 1947: In Memory of James S. Closson, USAF, Cougar Flight, Danang, Viet Nam (9/21/1947 - 1/12/1969)

Mile 1948: Aunt Bernie & Uncle Bill

Mile 1949: Cavsound & Lights

Mile 1950: In honor of Sandy Hatton, USMC Vietnam

Mile 1951: Gary Baranzini

Mile 1952: Diane Ludwig - NSCDA-FL

Mile 1953: In honor of Steve Dye, US Airforce, Vietnam War 1/1973-12/1978

Mile 1954: I Love my Sailor Robert Aronofsky USS Nimitz

Mile 1955: Laurie Norwood

Mile 1956: Carol Winner Art in honor of Paul T. Rothrock, US Army, WWII

Mile 1957: John Koch, USN, USS Eaton DD-510

Mile 1958: Capt. Ermie Lewis, US Navy retired

Mile 1959: In honor of Stephen Allan, US Army Vietnam Veteran

Mile 1960: Tamra Mcatee

Mile 1961: Dorothy Williams

Mile 1962: John & Kelly Williams

Mile 1963: Michael Myers

Mile 1964: Pat Kaminski

Mile 1965: Roger Watson

Mile 1966: Mandi Steidle (former navy wife)

Mile 1967: Jack Steidle (USNA grad and former Navy sub officer

Mile 1968: Robert "Herb" Koch, USN, USS Bonhamme Richard CV-31

Mile 1969: Charlie and Bones

Mile 1970: Gladsheen Family

Mile 1971: Kelly Voboril

Mile 1972: Sarah Edwards

Mile 1973: Brian Fleming, US Air Force

Mile 1974: Jeff Barksdale

Mile 1975: Marshall Duncan - 1975 USNA

Mile 1976: Lawrence Tipton

Mile 1977: In honor of Scott Logan, USCG

Mile 1978: Special Edition Alum (Chuck, Anne, Karen, Rachel & Jeff)

Mile 1979: Sarah Edwards

Mile 1980: Dorothy Marsh

Mile 1981: Julie Karaffa

Mile 1982: Jesus Christ

Mile 1983: Mike & Karen Drought

Mile 1984: Greg Peverill-Conti

Mile 1985: Karen & Steve

Mile 1986: In honor of my grandfather, Ed Donnelly, who fought in WWII and my father, Adrian Pongetti, who was in the Navy

Mile 1987: Michael Ritter

Mile 1988: In Honor of Brandon Polly; all 3 children

Mile 1989: Micheal Doran

Mile 1990: In honor of all our Lenhart/Huppmann veterans. So proud of each & everyone!

Mile 1991: Christopher Zola, USN

Mile 1992: Stephanie Vento

Mile 1993: The West Point class of 1993 is with you gentleman. Godspeed

Mile 1994: Micheal Doran

Mile 1995: Laura & Barry Gluntz

Mile 1996: Micheal Doran

Mile 1997: Happy Anniversary Vicki & Mike Glenn

Mile 1998: Taylor Wood

Mile 1999: Stacey Brown

Mile 2000: Steve Bradshaw

Mile 2001: In Honor of Steve Dye, US Airforce, Vietnam War 1/1973-12/1978

Mile 2002: Kelly Voboril

Mile 2003: In honor of John Detweiler, USMC Retired

Mile 2004: Carter Hetz

Mile 2005: Kieffer & Colin Hetz

Mile 2006: For the brave Wounded Warriors at Landstuhl Hospital 2006-2008 – it was an honor to visit with you.

Mile 2007: George H. Charland Jr.,Petty Officer USN

Mile 2008: David O'Keeffe

Mile 2009: Bill & Jennifer Nash

Mile 2010: In Honor of Foar From Home - Curt Heinkel

Mile 2011: In honor of Mark LoCastro

Mile 2012: Ted Mooney

Mile 2013: Sheila & Jack (US Navy) Berlien

Mile 2014: Curtis McLemore, USN ABEC

Mile 2015: Laura & Alan Sirbaugh: In honor of all who courageously served this great country

Mile 2016: Pelindaba Lavender Amelia Island

Mile 2017: Isla Blackstone

Mile 2018: For my favorite veteran - Tim Woods

Mile 2019: Ken Treiling Army WWII; Jack Spanner Navy Korean War

Mile 2020: Saylor Blackstone

Mile 2021: Molly Jacoby, UGA class of 2021

Mile 2022: ERAU Army ROTC class of 2022

Mile 2023: Bill & Kaye Norris

Miles 2024 - 2025: Charlie, Bones, & John Michael

Mile 2026: In honor of CDR Leanne Riley, US Navy

Mile 2027: Prudence Hostetter

Mile 2028: Jane Hostetter

Mile 2029: In honor of Lance Dawson, Sr.

Mile 2030: In honor of all our Lenhart/Huppmann veterans. So proud of each & everyone!

Mile 2031: My 90 yrs young dad, Darrell Williams, USAF, 1951-1955, Korean War Veteran

Mile 2032: Jeffrey Butler

Mile 2033: Brad Lunt, USN 1977, USS Duluth LPD-6

Mile 2034: To the families of the Foar From Home Team - Denise Bonvouloir

Mile 2035: Dedicated to the 4 patriots rowing the boat who refuse to leave their brothers in arms behind. GOD SPEED

Mile 2036: To the families of the Foar From Home Team - Denise Bonvouloir

Mile 2040: Lauren Thomas

Mile 2047: Lynn & Kathy Swangin

Mile 2050: Alex Lambert - thank you for your service

Mile 2051: Tommie Jacobson - thank you for your service 

Mile 2064: Wendy Smith

Mile 2073: Anne Dukes

Mile 2075: In honor of John "Voulez" Park USN

Mile 2077: Coastal Flamingo

Mile 2090: Lane Arthur

Mile 2099: In honor of the current active service Major Brad Mercier, US Army

Mile 2100: Pat Rogers

Mile 2102: In memory of Shari Duval, founder of K9s for Warriors

Mile 2110: Keep Seaing! Eye Envy Optical & Dr. Bradley

Mile 2112: Voices From the Void

Mile 2116: Mary Hartman

Mile 2120: Vernon Hiott

Mile 2121: Margaret Carroll

Mile 2122: Patty & Ames Fernald de Hendrickson

Mile 2123: In honor of the next generation to serve: Eli (USNR) & Nikko (USAF)

Mile 2164: Dedicated to all our Anonymous donors

Mile 2186:  Army Aviators

Mile 2190: In honor of you Tim, who served in the USAF, and committed suicide. We miss you!

Mile 2199: Jerry Lee's Music

Mile 2200: All veterans who are serving and have served our country

Mile 2201: Terry Sharpe

Mile 2206: Robert Milici & Laura Cherie

Mile 2216: Richard Stevens - RIP

Mile 2220: Bill Cimino & the Foar From Home Team

Mile 2222: Our Veterans & First Responders - James Habacker

Mile 2224: Imetry, Inc.: To God...our Country...and the Men & Women who protect us, please cover Paul, Billy, Cameron, & Hupp with your loving protection with every mile they row...Semper Fi

Mile 2225: Jimmy Skipper

Mile 2250: In honor of all who have served past and present - Dale Kinney

Mile 2251: Linda Twiggs

Mile 2253: In honor of my granddaughter Faith for her birthday on 5/3/22

Mile 2266: Lane Mashburn

Miles 2270 - 2274: Susan DeVane

Mile 2275: Mary Beller

Miles 2276 - 2280: Susan DeVane

Mile 2282: Christopher Bolton

Mile 2283: Capprice & Monty Kitchen

Mile 2299: Ron, Karen & Alex Paquet; Wally Troutman

Mile 2300: Brian & Carrie Barth

Mile 2303: Daulton Leonard

Mile 2304: Dedicated to my late father, Marvin Rhodes (Army) & late father-in-law, David Evans (USMC)

Mile 2319: Cathy Greco

Mile 2321: Rebecca Pfenning

Mile 2322: Mary Daniel - Puppy Raiser for K9s for Warriors!

Mile 2323: Dedicated to my late mom, dad & brother - Amy Evans

Mile 2324: In honor of you Tim, who served in the USAF, and committed suicide. We miss you!

Mile 2326: Deb Cates

Mile 2332: Tonya Dill Williams

Mile 2333: My dad, Art Thompson, who was a Navyman in WWII

Mile 2345: Rob West

Mile 2351: Becky Coleman

Mile 2363: Thank you for your dedication to the Veterans

Mile 2400: John & Susan Esposito

Mile 2402: In memory of my dad, Richard F. Kienle, US Army, Korean War. You are never forgotten! Row on Courageous!

Mile 2410: Wilson Arthur

Mile 2413: Capprice & Monty Kitchen

Mile 2420: Krista DeBuzna

Mile 2424: Happy 24 on 24! Thanks Foar From Home! Mom & Dad

Mile 2442: In memory of MSgt Douglas Reid Wilson, USAF. 3/9/31 - 1/8/22. Rest in Peace

Mile 2448: Richard Coley

Mile 2468: Jean A. Palamar

Mile 2472: Tom & MaryJane Smith

Mile 2476: Sarah Weitz

Mile 2477: Bud Hartrich Pilot, C47, Army Air Corps, WWII

Mile 2487: Sherri Rinker/Bryan Bush

Mile 2499: Laura & Barry Gluntz

Mile 2500: To Foar From Home & all our Veterans - Christine Coughlan

Mile 2501: Heroes of Freedom - Milton Brown

Mile 2509: Christine McCall

Mile 2518: Robert Chesnut

Mile 2519: Yoda

Mile 2523: Tonya Dill Williams

Mile 2525: Paul & Laura Howard

Mile 2547: Dedicated to retired 1st LT Joseph Flynn (FCPD); US Army veteran

Mile 2550: Collette Chance

Mile 2555: In honor of Col Eugene D. Mason - WWII, Korea, Vietnam

Mile 2557: Mark Isaacson, RIP brother

Mile 2567: Sandi Phillips

Mile 2573: Chicago Veterans & First Responders

Mile 2578: Little Womens Club of Fernandina Beach

Mile 2595: Gary & Diana Grimm

Mile 2599: Service men & women from Fernandina Beach

Miles 2600 - 2603: To all veterans who have fought to secure our freedom (but especially to my deceased uncles who served & fought in the Navy in WWII in the Pacific theatre and experienced trauma they never could talk about)

Mile 2604: In honor of you Tim, who served in the USAF, and committed suicide. We miss you!

Mile 2609: In memory of retired Master Police Officer Kris Benefiel (FCPD), US Army veteran

Mile 2612: Bruce Witbro

Mile 2626: Michelle & Bob Bees: we appreciate all veterans!

Mile 2638: Robert & Martha Bowen: In honor of the military & first responders in our families

Mile 2640: Juli & Evan Olsen

Mile 2650: To our dads & you guys for doing this...Guy Scurfield

Mile 2655: USAF veterans & those on active duty - Bud Brasier

Mile 2661: Angela Weepie

Mile 2666: Just a little bit further! Thank you from the Walrod family!

Mile 2685: Tonya Dill Williams

Mile 2686: In honor of my grandfather, US Army, WWII (KIA); dad, USMC; brother, US Navy

Mile 2700: To all veterans who have fought to secure our freedom (but especially to my deceased uncles who served & fought in the Navy in WWII in the Pacific theatre and experienced trauma they never could talk about)

Mile 2701: In honor of all veterans suffering from PTSD. We value you! John & Roben Findlay

Mile 2702: Janet & Jeff Alligood

Mile 2704: Sarah Mills

Mile 2714: Thanks for raising awareness of ocean conservation - Candis Whitney

Mile 2719: From the residents of Reatta Lane. We are all praying for you & supporting you in your final miles. It won't be long now. Keep rowing! You've got this!

Mile 2720: Mary Stainken

Mile 2721: Fletcher Muir

Mile 2723: Penny Dusak

Mile 2727: The McGowans

Mile 2728: Tina Taker

Mile 2731: Dedicated to my father, John Robinson, USAF for 20 years, Korean War, who struggled with PTSD

Mile 2733: To the men of Courageous! Todd McDonald

Mile 2743: RIP THOR! Thank you & Dennis for your service. A TR friend.

Mile 2744: In honor of Billy. From one type 1 to another. You are amazing, impressive & a true warrior in every sense of the word & beyond!!! Jane Hoskins

Mile 2746: In honor of John Sefton, WWII veteran

Mile 2750: SMSgt Tim Doratio, Sr. USAF; Vietnam, Desert Storm & Desert Shield

Mile 2751: Andrew Zahren, Korea, brother-in-law; George Stone, WWII, father; Fred Stone, WWII, uncle

Mile 2752: Charles Flayhart

Mile 2757: You guys rock!!! Ken Clements

Mile 2763: For the COURAGEOUS Kennel - Lisa Atkinson

Miles 2775- 2776: CrossFit Scavenger Hunt Team

Mile 2777: Paul Teutul

Mile 2794: For the COURAGEOUS Kennel - Lisa Atkinson

Mile 2799: In honor of my dad (Alan Arthur's military service in the USMC & Nat Guard) & in celebration of my 1st date anniversary with my husband Miles (Rick) Miller

Mile 2800: Come Home Safely Men! Love Donna and Nigel Glover

Mile 2801: Jim & Patti Saunderson

Mile 2802: Sheila & Jack (US Navy) Berlien

Mile 2803: Way to go guys! Almost done! Chris Schultz

Mile 2805: The 13 soldiers who died in Afghanistan

Mile 2806: With love & pride we honor our son, Jeff Allen, for his service in the AFD & National guard; may all your landings be soft ones

Mile 2807: 3 Amigos Abby, Marley, Grady

Mile 2808: The Service men & women who protect our great nation including: John W. Faile, Jr. USN; Roland J. Baillargeon USMC; Derek J. Baillargeon USAF; Tim Faile USN; Brandon Jones USMC; Shawn Lawson USN; Jacob Lawson USN; Roland O. Baillargeon Army. You are true Patriots!!

Mile 2811: Ben Byrns

Mile 2812: Megan E Russell

Mile 2814: Lisa Saitow

Mile 2815: Callie Davis

Mile 2819: All of our brave warriors! God bless the USA!!!

Mile 2820: Benjamin Addison

Mile 2822: 2nd Lt Walter O. Apt, WWII, USMC First Raider Battalion, Edson's Raiders

Mile 2824: In honor of John Geary, Vietnam Vet - I love you, Katie

Mile 2825: Almost there guys! Mark & Camille

Mile 2828: Stacey Manning

Mile 2837: In memory of James Lee, USMC from Zaine Remus

Mile 2838: Rodney Z. Remus, Sr. - US Army

Mile 2839: Zaine Remus

Mile 2840: Michael Gauci

Mile 2841: In memory of my father, David James Bulger, WWII & Korean veteran. Unfortunately, he came back a broken man & died of alcohol-related disease when he was just 60. If only there had been help for his PTSD, he might have survived & thrived.

Mile 2847: Jonathan Steelman

Mile 2848: Denny Post

Mile 2849: Shark Bitten Jewelry - inspired by the Ocean

Mile 2850: Amelia Chiropractic Clinic

Mile 2851: Andrew Zahren, Korea, brother-in-law; George Stone, WWII, father; Fred Stone, WWII, uncle

Mile 2852: In honor of Jim Metzloff; Paul Metzloff; John Rafter - thank you for serving our Country!

Mile 2853: My dad Bob Boosa (WWII, Navy) & son Stephen Scott (Navy)

Mile 2854: Janet - in memory of your love (go to or FB)

Miles 2855 - 2856: Garden Street Bistro: to the amazing 4 that with their love & care are an example to all!

Miles 2857 - 2858: Kim Auburn

Mile 2859: Jake & Karen Shuford

Mile 2860: Eric Litsey, US Army, Vietnam

Mile 2861: In memory & honor of all veterans - Pat & Harry Gibbs

Mile 2862: Julie Zoubul

Mile 2863: To those we've loved & lost & those who work to make this world a better place

Mile 2864: In memory of our brother & dad who both served in military and both named Thomas. Both had great respect for Billy C. Go Steelers!

Mile 2865: Dedicated to Billy, Cam, Hupp & Paul - we are all so proud of you! Best wishes for calm seas on your final miles - The Clems (Laura, Steve & Connor)

Mile 2866: Vicky Dejesus

Mile 2867: My student & friend, Micah Lininger, Army (deceased PTSD); & my nephew, Charles "Chuckie" Merrill, Navy (deceased suicide) - two great men who were loved very much

Mile 2868: Col. & Mrs. James F. Cook, Jr. (retired Air Force)

Mile 2869: Frank Sailer, my dad (a Marine), & of course the wonderful men taking on this awesome challenge

Mile 2870: Jim Duda

Mile 2871: Great team going all out for a great cause - Bob White

Mile 2872: Pamela Huppmann

Mile 2873: Amelia Island Microgreens: to the mighty FFH team - brave enough, strong enough, & heart enough to row for those who cannot

Mile 2874: Crew of Foar From Home - God Speed! Pat Stichweh

Mile 2875: COURAGEOUS service men & women - Rebecca Indarte

Mile 2876: Crew of Foar From Home - God Speed! Pat Stichweh

Mile 2877: Miguel A. Ortiz, US Navy

Mile 2878: From the Beano Roberts family of Fernandina Beach. STAY STRONG!!

Mile 2879: Our son, Brian, who passed away Sep 2021

Mile 2880: Judy Nagle

Mile 2881: Gary & Diana Grimm

Mile 2882: In honor of my nephew Marek Enters, US Navy - thank you for your service

Mile 2883: In honor of my nephew Lars Cashmore, USMC - thank you for your service

Mile 2884: Nancy O'Roark

Mile 2885: In memory of Kelly Clark, 1974-2010. Why cry for a soul set free. Miss me a little - but not too long, miss me - but let me go. Love Mom & Dad

Mile 2886: "In Memory of Cody Clark, 1993-2018, The touch of your hand is where I need to be. We already knew happiness and sorrow. Why can’t you find me? Why can’t you hear me? Love Your Grandparents "

Mile 2887: Gary & Diana Grimm

Mile 2888: Captain Herman Ritchie, USAF, gave his life flying cover for American troops in Vietnam in 1966. His plane was brought down, and he was MIA for 5 years before officially being declared dead. He was a hero and has been a lifetime inspiration to Bruce (his nephew)

Mile 2889: Christy LeLait

Mile 2890: Michael Granucci

Mile 2891: Dedicated to my father, W.T. Howard (Bill) who served in the Navy WWII 1941-1945 & the Korean War 1950-1953

Mile 2892: In honor of Neil Sanderson, USAF

Mile 2893: Cameron & Ashley Frazier

Mile 2894: In honor of Big Dub server in the USCG

Mile 2895: In honor of my brother, Bruce Wells - Vietnam

Mile 2896: In honor of Susan Ryan

Mile 2897: Dedicated to Chase, our first K9 for Warriors foster dog who is now in training to be a service dog for a warrior - Darlene & Gary Bassett

Mile 2898: Genece Minshew

Mile 2899: In honor of the current active service Major Brad Mercier, US Army

Mile 2900: Sheila & Jack (US Navy) Berlien

Mile 2901: In honor of Leonard Gehl, WWII and George Bosley, WWII

Mile 2902: From Mrs. LoVecchio's 4th Grade Class

Mile 2903: In memory of Shawn Pine (US Army - Lt Colonel, killed in Afghanistan)

Mile 2904: In memory of Frederick Pine (US Army Rangers, Sgt. Major - WWII, Korea & Vietnam)

Mile 2905: In memory of Stanley Pine (US Navy, WWII, Pacific Theatre)

Mile 2906: In memory of Max Pine (US Army, Combat Infantry, WWI

Mile 2907: In memory of WWI Veterans Neil J. Dwyer (US Navy QM2) & brother Tommy Dwyer (US Army Infantry)

Mile 2908: In honor of you Tim, who served in the USAF, and committed suicide. We miss you!

Mile 2909: Dedicated to Col Select Edward V. Szczepanik, USAF & Family

Mile 2910: Kayak Amelia - The Hetchka Family

Mile 2911: In honor for all that answer the call

Mile 2912: Dedicated to Captain James Adamouski - your ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten

Mile 2913: To Bill & the guys, you're almost there!!

Mile 2914: Susie Lominac (Army) in honor & much love of William J. Lominac (Navy) & Charles 'Chuckie' Merrill (Navy)

Mile 2915: Gary & Diana Grimm

Mile 2916: Scott Bornman

Mile 2917: Heather Flynn

Mile 2918: In memory of my father, Col Walton B. Schlosser, Army, WWII, Italy

Mile 2919: Bambi Parham

Mile 2920: Safe Travels - Brooke & Terry

Miles 2921 - 2930: Dedicated to the service dogs who help our veterans live peaceful, productive lives - Bambi Parham

Mile 2931: For all the veterans in my family: Chris (AF), Wick (USMC), Dr. Lewis (Army), from L. Wickstrom, MAJ, USAR, retired. Hooah!

Mile 2932: Kathleen Brown

Mile 2933: Bob McAlexander - US Coast Guard

Mile 2934: Wick Wickstrom - USMC

Mile 2935: Lisa Wickstrom - US Army

Mile 2936: In honor of Veteran Joseph Fallon

Mile 2937: Yonkers Fire Dept. Retirees, Yonkers, NY

Mile 2938: In loving memory of USMC veteran David Brown & AF veteran Alton Watson

Mile 2939: Foar the Team & their support crew back home! Eileen & Chris

Mile 2940: In honor of Foar From Home - Curt Heinkel

Mile 2941: C

Mile 2942: CO

Mile 2943: COU

Mile 2944: COUR

Mile 2945: COURA

Mile 2946: COURAG

Mile 2947: COURAGE

Mile 2948: COURAGEO

Mile 2949: COURAGEOU


Mile 2951: Row, Row, Row your Boat from Ralph Jon Spuhler & Donna Lynn Lott

Mile 2952: All veterans who are serving and have served our country

Mile 2953: Dedicated to Thomas Frank Mignella, Army Veteran, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Father in Law, Brother, Neighbor, Friend, etc.

Mile 2954: In honor of my nephew Jacob - Martha Forlines

Mile 2955: Jerry Lee's Music

Mile 2956: Leland (Lee) Bachtell

Mile 2957: Rotary Lobster cookout at North Hampton Outpost hosted by John Kublbock & Larrie Beaudry

Mile 2958: Randy Powers

Mile 2959: Anne Foos & Kevin J. Smith

Mile 2960: In honor of Jim Tipton on his 75th birthday. Go Courageous!

Mile 2961: American River Strokers Foundation & Duke Beach

Miles 2962 - 2963: Susan Martin

Mile 2964: Kate & Mike Miller

Mile 2965: Marie Riley

Mile 2966: Scott & Julie Jones "big fans"

Miles 2967 - 2968: Jimmy & Marcy Harris

Mile 2969: Jeff Barksdale

Mile 2970: Robin Sylvester

Mile 2971: Kelly Voboril

Miles 2972 - 2974: Jimmy & Marcy Harris

Mile 2975: Stacey Brown

Mile 2976: Sarah Weitz - with gratitude to all who serve our great country!

Mile 2977: Kathye Reily

Mile 2978: The Steady Oars

Mile 2979: Bill & Jennifer Nash

Mile 2980: Christophe Agricola

Mile 2981: In honor of GySgt John P. Nolan, USMC (ret)

Mile 2982: Katrinia & Jesse Yarborough

Mile 2983: Because we know you can do this! Kerrie Campbell

Mile 2984: The Honey Badgers

Mile 2985: David Denton

Mile 2986: In memory of US Airforce Veteran Ivan Bridwell

Mile 2987: In memory of US Navy Veteran John Sanders

Mile 2988: Mike Murray for all that serve and have served

Mile 2989: Nancy O'Roark

Miles 2990 - 2999: Island Flower and Garden

Mile 3000: Ken & Yvette Ray