Spotted At Sea


51 Days, 11 Hours and 41 Minutes.


That's how long it took my husband Hupp Huppmann and his 3 mates to cross the Atlantic Ocean.


As the sun set on English Harbour, our Amelia Island family and friends set foot to Fort Berkeley.  The anticipation of Foar From Home’s arrival was buzzing in the air.  The temperature was perfect, the bug spray was working and all I could hear were plans of who would stand where and what would be done.


Cousin George practice his bagpipes as he played “Take Me Home, Country Road” and other favorites.  The sun melted into the mountains and turned the sky a yellowy orange that slowly turned to a pinkish purple.


We all kept up with our YB Races app in referencing where the team was located.  At one point, I could see they were directly on the other side of the point of where they would come.  We watched the Media Boat from the Atlantic Campaigns cruise out, which meant it was time.  Time to finish this race.  Time to begin the celebration of an incredible journey of Foar Men.


It was so quiet that I could hear people talking on the yachts in the harbor.  Don was standing in his Santa suit waving his flag.  I was on one side of our American Flag as Craig held the other.  The wind blew perfectly into the flags as others pointed lights at all of our Foar From Home flags and our American Flags.  All of our people were lined up and ready.


A speck of green appeared to float around the bend.  The media’s boat’s camera flashed.  And for a brief second my heart stopped.  I could see an oar scoop the water.  I screamed “I can see them rowing.  It’s Them!!!!” The noises began as we watched our Foar From Home family cross the finish line.  Ian, from Atlantic Campaigns lit his flare and it was officially finished.


The Foar From Home team lit their flares and it appeared to me that one of them lowered their flare.  Turns out, it was Hupp standing with his flare somehow attached to our ukulele.  Classic!  Perfect finish.  My husband crossed the ocean!


Words cannot express the feeling of finally seeing Courageous and her men cross the finish line.  It was breathtaking and I will never forget that feeling.  This row has changed them forever.  It has changed me forever.  My perspective of relationships, trust and integrity has been altered for the good.  Forever.


The race may be over, but life pushes forward.  Their mission of raising awareness to PTSD and Veteran Suicide will remain until it is nonexistent.  These Foar Men have raised the bar of dedication, love and endurance.  They have proven that anything is possible, you just have to take that first step.


Thank you for joining me in this Courageous Journey.  Watching from land has been life changing for me.  I will be walking side by side, hand in hand with my husband today.  The first time since Thanksgiving.  I will be listening to all his stories and taking in all that he has to give.  This was life changing for Hupp.  I look forward to many adventures together with my Love.  Welcome Home Babe!

LuLu Huppmann

Photo Credit Atlantic Campaigns