The Arrival of Courageous

Wednesday, December 8th

They say “All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”.  And the Foar From Home team has definitely waited this week as their boat “Courageous” cleared customs.  Courageous was reunited with the team today, at approximately 8:30pm, La Gomera time.  (They are 5 hours ahead of Amelia Island)

The day was filled with meetings and a lovely reception for all the teams on the beach.  Followed by a jog to greet Courageous at the ferry.  Words cannot express how I feel today, as I watched The Atlantic Campaign organization and other row team members help the team move Courageous to her new grounds.

Over the next day or two, the team will unpack all food and equipment to have it inspected by The Atlantic Campaign safety officer and other inspectors.  They will shift their supplies to the appropriate compartments of the vessel and get ready for the main event on Sunday.

If you would like to follow the race, please download the app YB Races to your phone or mobile device.  When downloaded, search for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2021.  Foar From Home will be boat #23.  There you will be able to watch their boat cross the ocean with statistics showing their location, speed and miles remaining to Antigua.  It will be exciting to track the team as they cross.

In the meantime, I will be posting updates and messages as I receive them to share my side of the journey with you.  Please be sure to look up The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge’s website for information about other teams, their causes and learn all about the race.

On a personal note…..It’s been very quiet here at home without Hupp.  There aren’t conversations over breakfast and dinner, no music playing or deciding who’s going to pick the next movie to watch.  But we do get to Facetime and talk on the phone frequently throughout the day to catch up and hear about a beautiful paradise and wonderful people he has met.  I used to feel so much anxiety about this race but the more I learn about The Atlantic Campaign, I feel at ease and excitement grows as each day passes.

I am ready to watch them launch and set forth on their courageous journey while raising awareness to Veterans Suicide and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sea you soon!