Atlantic Campaign team photo
photo credit to Atlantic Campaigns

Happy Saturday and welcome to the final countdown to Foar From Home’s long awaited journey across the Atlantic Ocean.  It has been exciting to watch the Team’s progress as they received their boat, go through inspections and tie up loose ends.


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!  At 5:45am EST, the race will begin with our team scheduled to leave at 6:37am EST.  Be sure to watch the live feed from Atlantic Campaigns on your Facebook or their Youtube channel.  Charlotte does a wonderful job narrating and presenting on the Atlantic Campaign’s Facebook Lives.


Words cannot express the emotions I feel today as the time approaches for the team to begin their journey.  It’s been two years full of prep and campaigning for these Foar Men.  Watching from the sidelines I have witnessed so much generosity from our island and beyond with donations and endless volunteering hours by many.  It really does take an island to cross an ocean.


I am so proud of my husband Hupp, Cam, Bill and Paul for rowing the ocean to raise awareness to PTSD and Veterans’ Suicide.  It shows compassion and strength amongst the men and this mission they are setting out to complete.  I will miss my husband very much and will worry endlessly.  But, after watching the Atlantic Campaign’s process I am confident with All of My Heart that Hupp will meet me in Antiqua safely and maybe a little skinnier.


Good Luck Men!  All of us here on Amelia Island and beyond, are cheering for you and love you.


Meet you there.


Sea you soon,