Leaving La Gomera
photo credit Hupp Huppmann

Yesterday was such an exciting day.   Don’t you agree?  To watch Foar From Home leave the marina to begin their journey was surreal to say the least.  On my last Facetime call with Hupp, he took me down to the dock where I could see all the row boats and their teams preparing to leave.  I watched family members hug their loved ones at the gate.  I could hear all the different people from all over the world working together to get started.  The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the water looked crystal clear.  I could hear “Don’t Stop Believing” playing in the background on someone’s radio, as well as the movement of the boats as people got on and off to finish their last minute preparations.


As I said my goodbyes to all of our Courageous Men I felt a build-up of excitement and anxiety that made me want to get out of my own skin.  The day had finally come for them to row Courageous across the Atlantic.  After our Facetime I watched every team leave through the Atlantic Campaigns’ YouTube Channel.  With four different media devices running in my livingroom, I was able to catch Ruth’s live feed.  She stood and watched them leave and didn't stop recording until they were completely gone from the harbor.  At that moment I got a sense of excitement and all I could think was “Game On”!


The first 24 hours have been completed by our rowing team and they seem to be moving along with great speed.  For the first leg of this journey, they will continue to row South then turn West sometime this afternoon to proceed towards Antigua.


As of 04:49 this morning, Hupp gave me coordinates of N27 25.0353’ W017 19.9055’.  He reports some sea sickness but able to move forward and continue with the day’s duties.  Hupp and I will continue to communicate through our Garmin device throughout the race so I can provide updates directly from the team.


For all of you watching on the YB Races app, you will see they have rowed 49nm so far.  Not too bad for the first day.  One thing I would like to mention about the YB Races app, it takes a few days for the stats to normalize.  The nautical miles rowed is correct, however their ETA of April will adjust with time to the correct date.  I know some of you have had concerns or couldn’t believe they rowed 500 miles yesterday.  Although this would be a great accomplishment, they did not row that quickly in one day.  A good place to start on the app after you open it to see the map, is to click on “leaderboards” at the bottom.  This information breaks down the team position, nm rowed and the amount of nm rowed in the past 24 hours.


Today is a new day for our Courageous men to put forth all their training they have endured.  I am sure they are adjusting well and digging in to their daily routine.  I will be posting updates as I get them to share their journey.  Afterall, it does take an island to cross an ocean.



Sea you soon,