Anyone out there Dot Watching on the YB Races app???  I know, stupid question.  That’s all that everyone is talking about today.  Watching Foar From Home row Courageous across the Atlantic Ocean.  It seems to have become addictive.


Today was a wonderful day as I awoke at 04:05 wondering how the Men were doing.  To my surprise, Hupp texted me at 04:09 through our Garmin to tell me hello and that he was safe.  I’m not sure if I am in both his and my time zone at this point given my sleep habits lately, but it was nice to hear from him first thing in the morning.


Many calls were made to family and friends today via satellite phone.  I have been admiring all the different stories on social media regarding conversations with their loved ones and friends on Courageous.  My phone call came after I opened the shop, that quickly became closed so I wouldn’t have any interruptions.  Hupp sounded really good with his confidence that things are going well, which made me feel less anxious.  He talked about the sea sickness he had overcome as well as how every minute of the day and night is used either rowing, eating, cleaning or sleeping.  I would say it sounds just as he had planned.  I told him how the Island is addicted to dot watching.  He laughed and said to tell everyone Hello and that he misses them.


Receiving my phone call today was very precious to me.  Although I receive texts everyday, hearing his voice helped me feel like it’s all going to be ok.  I think about the boys and how they’re not in their own beds to sleep, eating prepackage dehydrated foods, no ice, no A/C or any other luxuries we take for granted.  They are out there working hard day in and day out.  As Cam would say “Embracing The Suck”.  And doing this all for the cause of saving Veterans from PTSD and Suicide.


I want to share that we have a mile program where you can sponsor a mile and dedicate to a loved one or yourself.  When the team reaches your mile, you will receive a text message to tell you it has been reached.  We still have miles left to sponsor.  If you haven’t yet, go to foarfromhome.com and sponsor your mile.


Until next time…I will be glued to the YB Races app to watch Courageous and our Courageous Men row across the Atlantic Ocean.

I am loving this photo of Ruth and Paul.  It says it all.

It really does take an island to cross an ocean.

Sea you soon,